Review: Lace by Wendy Rathbone (The Vampire-Fairy Book 1)

Lace is a being from another dimension on Earth. He cannot die and humans call his kind “vampire” and declare war on them.

Firi is a human military soldier, a trained guard, who has met Lace twice in his young life and formed a bond with him.

In a world where humans and vampires are arch enemies, where vampires are eradicated in horrible ways, where being a vampire-lover means a death sentence, can Firi and Lace ever find each other again and explore the feelings they have for each other?

Will Lace be able escape his government prison, and the amnesia that keeps him from accessing his true powers?

Can Firi, the boy he met in the woods ten years ago, ever hope to help him?

A male/male romance about secrets that can get you killed, impossible rescues, and old lovers who cannot be trusted.

I absolutely loved the world Wendy created. The backstory of the vampire fairies is so fascinating. I want to see more of them in the sequel and hopefully some more scenes in their world and flashbacks of time with the owel people. I’d love to more about them and how they came to the fairy realm. And why they left. The relationship between Lace and Firi is so sweet in the beginning. It truly starts out when Firi is a child. I love how Firi has an amazing bullshit meter. He doesn’t take everything at face value just because he’s told that’s the way it is. Lace is equal parts strong and timid. The dynamic between him and Var is so confusing at times. I wasn’t a fan of how Var came into the relationship. There’s perfectly good reasoning for why he is included more than once and eventually with both Lace and Firi. And the reasoning makes sense within the story and the world created. I’m just not a fan. However, there’s no way for the story to happen and be written without those events happening the way they do. I’m very interested where these three are going to go in the sequel. I want to know more of Var’s backstory and get inside his head a little bit to learn how he ticks. I also want to see more Lace and Firi. I want to see their relationship grow some more and build towards a way for them to be happy together and not constantly on the run, if possible. I cannot wait to see what happens in the sequel.

About Wendy:
Wendy has had over 500 poems and 40 stories published in magazines and anthologies. Her novels span the genres from science fiction to vampire to romance or short story and poetry collections. Her male male romance novels include: “The Foundling Trilogy” (The Foundling, None Can Hold the Dark, The Lostling,) Letters to an Android, The Secret Sharer, Scoundrel, and Lace. Her erotica short story collection, My House is Full of Whispers, contains all pairings: m/m, m/m/f, group, bi and het. Most of the stories in her fantasy collections, Beneath the Blue Dusk and the Sea, and Moltenrose, contain gay or bi characters, as does her sf novel, Pale Zenith.

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