Review: An Unusual Courtship by Katherine Marlowe

Percival Valentine is delighted by the arrival of new neighbours in the sleepy provincial town of Linston. Swiftly befriending the fashionable trio of Londoners, Percival sets out to court the elegant Miss Bolton, but soon comes to realise that he is being courted instead by the charming but secretive Mr. Everett. As Percival begins to uncover the circumstances behind his new friends’ arrival in Linston, he is drawn inextricably closer to Mr. Everett and his secrets.

This story was so enjoyable. I loved getting to know Percival and Mr. Everett. There are parts of this story that reminded me of everything I loved about some of my regency favorites. The writing is so well done of the period that you can almost forget it was written recently.
Percival is very sweet and you can’t help but fall for him. He despairs some that his new friends would find him too countrified. However you can tell he loves his job and where he lives. The excitement comes through in his words and actions. Mr. Everett is dashing and so swoon worthy. He’s a gentleman but slightly reserved due to the nature of his “inclinations”. I loved the support characters of the Bolt siblings. You can tell their relationship to Mr. Everett is long standing and with deep affection.
The one thing I would have liked was a bit more of a happy ending. I realize the time period precludes any kind of open and out love and relationship. But a bit more to show how they’re going to make a relationship work under those constraints would have made me that much happier.
This story has everything that makes a historical romance wonderful. I hope to read more by Ms. Marlowe in the future.
Four and a half

About Katherine:
Hi! I’m Katherine “Kitty” Marlowe, writer of m/m historical romance novels and novellas. I’ve got a degree in Classical history, with a specialization in LGBTQ history, and I can very easily be distracted into lengthy discussions on queer cultures and subcultures in dozens of different historical eras and subcultures.

When I’m not writing novels and novellas about handsome men smooching and living happily ever after, I’m usually baking, hiking, or fighting eldritch deities in Arkham.

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