Guest Post and Interview: Lace and Scoundrel by Wendy Rathbone


Antares is a willing sex slave, trained in the harems of Anada since the age of 18, and owned by a wealthy master who spoils his slaves. But all that changes when Empire soldiers invade Antares’ world and he is taken away from the only life he’s ever known.

In a colonized galaxy where starships are as common as houseflies, and a dark Empire seeks to control thousands of civilized worlds, there are those who fall through the cracks and refuse to be conquered, including the pirate, Slate, and his crew.

Out in the darkness of the unknown, among Empire soldiers and scoundrels, will bad fates befall Antares and his fellow captive companions?

Will Slate finally find the love he’s been looking for his whole life?

Can Slate and Antares ever see eye to eye?

A male/male romance to end all male/male romances!

Guest Post:
Wendy stops by today to talk about where she got her writing start, and her two latest releases. Both books are wonderful! My review of Scoundrel can be found here, and my review of Lace will be posted next week, so be on the look out for it. Read and enjoy!
Hi, my name is Wendy Rathbone. I am honored to be here today as a guest on Molly Lolly’s blog.

I have been writing almost my whole life, both original stories and novels as well as fanfiction. I got started in the fanfiction world through Star Trek fandom (the classic series.) When I was 18, I discovered slash and, after writing tons of fanfic, a progression toward wanting to read and write male/male romance came naturally.

I am a poet through and through. Since about the age of 12, my journals have been filled with poetry. I studied it (and all kinds of writing) at UCSD and majored in lit/writing. My first professional sales were genre poems, stuff like starships in autumn skies, vampires who hatch from vampire gardens, dead alien worlds haunted by robot ghosts, the lonelier the theme, the better I like it. So you will see that come through in my stories and novels. I can’t help it. I love to paint with words.

But I have the most fun writing the romance, and I have always loved erotica. Some of my books have a lot of erotica, some less, but writing intimacy with a depth of feeling is an amazing job. I love it. I have always seen great love, true love and everlasting love as transformative. So in every book I write there is that theme. Human sexual encounters are fun, but relationship is everything, and that is what I write about. Whether my characters duck a relationship, desire it or already have it, the transformation theme persists. Even in my erotica short story collection, My House is Full of Whispers, the quickest encounters end with a deeper value than just skin to skin contact.

My favorite book is always the one I’m currently writing. This is because I must be in love with my characters at the time of the writing. The focus on them drowns out everything else.

My two latest novels have come out back to back. In Scoundrel, (a male/male science fiction romance) pirates & pleasure slaves struggle to see eye to eye. And in Lace (Book 1 in the Vampire-Fairy series), the immortal world and the world of humans come face to face in a struggle that could end both civilizations. Only the love of a human and an immortal holds the power to save both worlds… but it may already be too late (a male/male romance.)


Lace is a being from another dimension on Earth. He cannot die and humans call his kind “vampire” and declare war on them.

Firi is a human military soldier, a trained guard, who has met Lace twice in his young life and formed a bond with him.

In a world where humans and vampires are arch enemies, where vampires are eradicated in horrible ways, where being a vampire-lover means a death sentence, can Firi and Lace ever find each other again and explore the feelings they have for each other?

Will Lace be able escape his government prison, and the amnesia that keeps him from accessing his true powers?

Can Firi, the boy he met in the woods ten years ago, ever hope to help him?

A male/male romance about secrets that can get you killed, impossible rescues, and old lovers who cannot be trusted.

Molly: What music, if any, do you listen to when you write?
Wendy: I listen to silence when I write. I want to hear my characters talk to me. And yes, they do talk. Sometimes a lot, but not if I am distracted.

But music can inspire me, for example, while I was writing Lace, I was also taking time out to stream “The Voice” It’s the kind of competitive talent show that makes you feel like anything is possible. It feeds the artist in me, inspires me to go write. I finished Lace while streaming the spring, 2015 season.

In May, 2015, while I was writing Scoundrel, I become obsessed with a popular video from Sia called “Chandelier.” Again, it was not the music so much as the whole, entire video that inspired me, making me feel like I could accomplish anything. I’d watch the vid and it would hype me up for long writing sessions. For Scoundrel I had very long marathon writing sessions because ideas flowed fast and I had some limited time away from my business that I wanted to make use of. I finished the book in a week at 41,000 words. A short novel, yes, but so feverishly inspired. The editing on the book took place a couple weeks later. I did some additions in one major scene as well and then it was done.
Molly: Are you a full time writer, or a part time writer?
Wendy: I am a part-time writer. I’d love to write full time but I have a business to run. My business is seasonal, giving me four months off in fall and winter. During those months I would say I am full time. When I get going, I can be very prolific. For 2015, I’ve put out three novels, The Lostling (third book in The Foundling trilogy,) Lace and Scoundrel.
Molly: Do you one day hope to be a full time writer?
Wendy: I always wanted to be a full time writer, which is why I got a degree in writing from UCSD, but it’s a hard way to make a living. When I was a lot younger, my hopes to be a full time writer came with so many disappointments that actually blocked my muse and kept me down. There was no genre called m/m romance at that time, so I worked in the fields of science fiction, fantasy and horror because I loved those kinds of stories, and also those genres tended to be pretty okay with gay, bi, trans or gay-for-you characters. At age 40, I took a long break and re-assessed myself. When I went back to writing I decided it would be for fun. With that mental attitude, my production rate soared. If, some day, I can write full time, that would be wonderful! But I no longer hope for it.
Molly: Do you have a word count per day you try to hit?
Wendy: No. If I am only doing 500 words a day, I know I am distracted. I don’t think it is unreasonable, while in the middle of an on-going project, to hit 1000 words a day. In fact, that’s low. It’s an easy goal. I like to aim for 2000 words. While I was marathon-writing “Scoundrel” I would average 5000 to 6000 word days. I would stay up very late to do that. When I finished the book, I was exhausted.

Really, though, all I tell myself when I sit down is just to write one more sentence. Then another. Until I stop counting. That’s how it’s done with the least amount of writer drama and angst.
Molly: When you finish writing a book, how long before you begin writing the next one?
Wendy: For me that depends upon my business schedule. Right after I finished Lace I started Scoundrel. After Scoundrel I started The Moonling Prince, my current project, but my business soon took me away. I was only able to participate in two weeks of July NaNo, getting 10,000 words completed. The summer is my busiest time of year. By fall I will have time off. My plans are to complete The Moonling Prince during November NaNo and have it out by Dec./Jan., so if you are reading this in the month of December, look for it on Amazon.

About Wendy:
Wendy has had over 500 poems and 40 stories published in magazines and anthologies. Her novels span the genres from science fiction to vampire to romance or short story and poetry collections. Her male male romance novels include: “The Foundling Trilogy” (The Foundling, None Can Hold the Dark, The Lostling,) Letters to an Android, The Secret Sharer, Scoundrel, and Lace. Her erotica short story collection, My House is Full of Whispers, contains all pairings: m/m, m/m/f, group, bi and het. Most of the stories in her fantasy collections, Beneath the Blue Dusk and the Sea, and Moltenrose, contain gay or bi characters, as does her sf novel, Pale Zenith.

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