Guest Post: Spinning the Series by Elizabeth Noble

Guest Post:
Today I have an exclusive peek at something Elizabeth has coming up in the new year. If you’ve read any of her Sleepless City series that she co-wrote with Anne Barwell, you’re going to want to keep reading. There are exciting things ahead! There are also links to see more information about the project and the books that are to come. Read and enjoy!

Writing in a series has a lot of benefits. There is more time for character development and while the series can have one set of plot lines, each individual book can have additional plots. However, sometimes a series runs its course and goes as far as it can go.

I have recently ended two of my book series. One, the first books I published, is Sentries ( The final book of that series, Ringed Love, was submitted to Dreamspinner Press not too long ago. The second was The Sleepless City (, a series co-written with Anne Barwell. The final book of that series was Shifting Chaos and it was released this past September.

Declan, Forge and Blair are three of The Sleepless City vampires and Lucas is the werewolf. During the course of The Sleepless City interpersonal relationships of several sorts were formed between these men. There were romantic relationships and at the same time the forming of a family and a team.

The Sleepless City series may have ended but the ideas kept right on coming to me. One might suggest letting it go and move on to other projects. I might respond with arguments about how a lot of time and energy was spent developing the characters and the universe they exist in. It’s difficult to leave characters and worlds I’ve lived with for years.

Three vampires and a werewolf have especially captured my heart. A voice in my head and a mental stomp of my foot and I said, “Self, I don’t want to let go!”

What’s a writer to do you ask?

A spin off series of course!

Spin offs can be wonderful. Old, favorite characters are given new and exciting situations and stories. Spin offs can also be tricky. Spin offs that shift genres, tricky like whoa! As an author I had to remember I was possibly accessing a whole new audience, one that hadn’t read the original series. It’s like a cross between writing my own fan fic and an original book all at the same time.

That took a few minutes for me to wrap my head around.

I love espionage/spy type stuff with lots of action and I adore secret society type story lines.

Enter the spin off: Akhkharu Nasaru: The Vampire Guard (

What the heck is that? I’m so glad you asked!

In short the Vampire Guard is part of a global secret society of vampires (and a werewolf or three), Akhkharu Nasaru. The Guard is their intelligence gathering and protective force. In the first book, Code Name: Jack Rabbit, Forge, Blair, Declan and Lucas are recruited into the Vampire Guard.

High tech meets supernatural abilities.

Two of the vampires are several hundred years old. They’ve seen a lot of history, lived through many changes and have often done so together. One vampire and the werewolf are in their thirties. They haven’t experienced as much life or in the same way.

Vampires are often times gritty and tough. They don’t always make the perfect decisions and sometimes they use darker means to obtain a good outcome. Their sense of honor can sometimes be twisted and that leaves them tap dancing the line between good and bad.

This series isn’t a romance, though there are romantic couples and elements. For that reason I decided to place my spin off series with DSP Publications, which offers more mainstream titles.

Agents working under cover, such as spies, often have to make hard decisions very quickly. Adding a supernatural aspect to those operatives affords them a different level of abilities. For instance vampires can’t be seen on normal surveillance cameras, what a great asset to have! Their hearing is more sensitive than that of humans so wearing a wire becomes less important. Make no mistake, however, these spies have a number of high tech toys to work with, and so do the bad guys they chase. This series is one where legend and myth meet science and technology after all.

The journey of Declan, Blair, Lucas and Forge and their stories continue, simply in a different way. A vampire’s life is full of change, and this is no different.

I hope come July 2016 you’ll continue to follow their adventures and say welcome to the Vampire Guard.

Drop by my website for updates. I’ll have announcements in my newsletter as well. If you’d like you can ask the characters a question, Jack Rabbit team has an email! As it gets closer to the release date I’ll begin posting the questions and answers. I’m sure there will be prizes involved too!

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About Elizabeth:
Elizabeth Noble started telling stories before she actually knew how to write, and her family was very happy when she learned to put words on a page. Those words turned into fan fiction that turned into a genuine love of M/M romance fiction. Being able to share her works with Dreamspinner is really a dream come true. She has a real love for a good mystery complete with murder and twisty plots as well as all things sci-fi, futuristic, and supernatural and a bit of an unnatural interest in a super-volcano in Wyoming.

Elizabeth has three grown children and is now happily owned by an adorable mixed breed canine princess and one tabby cat. She lives in her native northeast Ohio, the perfect place for gardening, winter and summer sports (go Tribe!). When she’s not writing she’s working as a veterinary nurse, so don’t be surprised to see her men with a pet or three who are a very big part of their lives.

Two of Elizabeth’s books have received Honorable Mentions in the Rainbow Awards.

Author Contact:
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Twitter: @elizabethnoble1
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