Guest Post: Dominique by Nicole Colville (A Knights to Remember Standalone)

What does it cost to sell yourself? Your body? Your heart? Your soul?

At eighteen, with no job, no money, and a young sister to care for, becoming an escort seemed the perfect answer, but by the age of twenty four, Dominque is left wondering how he can break free of his ‘short term’ solution.

Jacob is at the top of his profession, leaving him with no time or desire for a relationship. Caring for another person full time isn’t on his agenda, but that soon changes when fate steps in and offers him the chance of something more.

Unable to forget the intriguing brunette after their first date, Jacob is enticed to spend more time with Dominque, seeking to put the pain of the past behind them, and bring peace to the wounded bird who captivated him so easily, but the fear in Dominque keeps them separated. Only through gaining his trust can Jacob hope to set him free.

It’s not just the clients who pay

*Dominque is a standalone book included in the Knights to Remember series and can be read at any point*

Guest Post:
Dominique stops by today to share a letter he wrote. Instead of writing it to someone else, he wrote it to a younger version of himself. The advice he gives himself is wonderful. Plus, it’s advice we can all take as well. Read and enjoy!
Dear Dominque,

Right about now you’re just starting out on what will be a huge life change for you. It’s been so difficult for so long, watching Mum suffer through her illness, fearing and wishing her to pass at the same time. It’s been a year since she died, leaving you alone to care for Angelique, and in that year you’ve had to do a lot of growing up and make a lot of tough decisions. Decision which no nineteen year old should have to make, but you did it.

You feel alone right now and you don’t know if you’re doing the right thing by turning to Secret Pleasures to be an escort. You wonder if Mum is looking down and casting judgement over you, worry how you will cope selling yourself to the highest bidder, worry that no one will want to pay weighs even heavier still on your mind.

I can’t change what’s about to happen, because everything you’re about to take on will lead you right here. All of the bad dates, all of the loneliness, all of the broken emotions which you will burry away and try not to think about – they all lead you right here where I am now, and I wouldn’t want to change that for the world.

There will be tough times, even at home. Angelique is going to fight you all the way and push your buttons, but remember she walks the same path as you and has come from the same place you did. She deals with things differently, but her pain is there –well hidden, as is yours.

You will doubt yourself so many times through the next five years, you’ll reach the edge of your limits and stand looking out over the cliff edge and think about hovering there, but one man will join you and help you build a bridge to the other side.

Everything you go through, every moment, every tiny second – it all leads you right to that point. The point where you feel you have nothing to continue on for, the point where everything you’ve done has been for nothing and you think ‘what’s the point continuing on when falling is so much easier?’

When you can’t believe in yourself, others around you step up to the plate and believe IN you, and Dominque, you have people who do believe in you no matter what you think. You’re worth more in their eyes than you can imagine right now, and they love you. Yes, people can love you, and they do, you just fail to see why they would want to love you.

There’s something amazing waiting for you. Someone amazing! Someone who will pick up the fractured pieces of your life and help you build them back together. He will earn your trust, and I can see you shaking your head and saying no, because you believe trust is way gone now and will never return, but Jacob will do it, even if you don’t want him to.

Never give up. You’re so strong. Stronger than you will ever realise until you see that strength in someone else’s eyes mirrored back at you where you can’t hide or deny it. Through the difficult times ahead, always have hope there is more waiting for you. I’m your more. I’m what’s waiting. And no matter what happens, I’m here and you will be too.

I love you. Right now there’s not one thing you even like about yourself, so hearing how I love who I am, and who I was, will be hard to hear, but that’s how far I’ve come. I can love myself, believe in myself, be proud of what I’ve done and where I am and where I’m going. I believe in you!



About Nicole:
Nicole Colville was born and currently lives in Leeds, England. She is a wife and mother of two young girls who somehow manages to fit in being a full time author of m/m romance and erotica. She loves writing complex characters in bittersweet romances which will leave you addicted and craving more from her men.

Although best known for her popular series, Hidden and Knights to Remember, she also enjoys writing with friend, and fellow author, E.M Leya. Together they have published two books in their Sinful Temptation Collection with more planned.

Her new menage collection based in the popular city of Manchester, England is her first solo full length novel outside of The Hidden Series and has three books planned for release in 2015 & 2016.

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