Review: The Mercenary’s Tale by Lynn Lorenz (In the Company of Men Book 1)

Drake is a mercenary for hire. He values little other than his sword and his skill. Fighting his attraction to the young men he trains, he refuses to take any on. When Ansel walks into his life, Drake breaks all his rules.

But life for mercenaries is hard, brutal and deadly.

Can Drake take a chance on finding the love he’s denied himself for so long?

Can he have a second chance?

I’m going to start by saying this book is not for everyone. It’s not a typical romance in that the end couple isn’t immediately obvious, and the characters have sex, on page, with people not in the end couple. If that’s not your thing, that’s completely fine but skip this book. If you want to be taken on an emotional journey with love and loss, and new love, with betrayal and a fabulous story you can’t put down until the end where there’s an amazing happy ending, then definitely pick up this book.
Drake is such an interesting character. He doesn’t trust easily but once you have his loyalty, he will do anything for you. I had to shift my perception a bit as I was reading since there are some sex scenes that are with other people. Some are menage scenes with Drake and his partner and an extra. They didn’t detract from my enjoyment of the story but I also feel they could have been excluded and the story wouldn’t have suffered. I loved how Drake took care of Joss when he arrived at Marden. Those two created a wonderful bond that by the end you could tell how much those two loved each other. The scene where Drake asks Joss to be more important in his life was beautiful. I hope we get to see Joss and Tomas some more in the next books in the series. Maybe they’ll even get their own story as they come of age? Please?

About Lynn:
Lynn Lorenz lives in Texas, where she’s a fan of all things Texan, like Longhorns, big hair, and cowboys in tight jeans. She’s never met a comma she didn’t like, and enjoys editing and brainstorming with other writers. Lynn spends most of her time writing about hot sex with even hotter heroes, plot twists, werewolves, and medieval swashbucklers. She’s currently at work on her latest book, making herself giggle and blush, and avoiding all the housework.

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