Review, Guest Post and Giveaway: Uncaged by Lisa and Thomas J. Oliver (Shifter’s Uprising Book 1)

Carlin is an Alpha Wolf Fighter, one of only three in the top spots at the Souterrain – an underground fighting club, run by the Elite to punish shifters who have gone outside of the laws. He’s happy enough, only has to fight exhibition matches, has his own apartment space, food and sex on tap – yep, life it good. So when Martin offers him the chance to fight for his freedom, Carlin turns it down. It’s no fun being a lone wolf and Carlin is quite happy where he is.

Then Lucas catches his eye. A handsome man, a stunning fighter, moving up through the ranks fast. Lucas might not have the killer attitude that most men at the Souterrain have, but he’s got the moves. Carlin has no problems insisting the man is bought to his apartment – sex is never a bad idea. But when he catches Lucas’s scent and realizes the man is his fated mate, suddenly getting him to bed is the least of his problems. Lucas wants to be free, and for the first time in a long time, so does Carlin.

Unfortunately there is more to Lucas than meets the eye. Martin certainly has no intention of letting them go, and if he has to have Carlin killed to keep Lucas at the Souterrain, then the man has no problems with that either. Suddenly the deal Carlin makes with Martin goes horribly wrong, and Carlin and Lucas realize that the price for freedom might be Carlin’s life, and even then Lucas will not be free.

Warnings: M/M sex, HEA, some violence (they are in a fight club after all). A growly Alpha who lets his emotions get the best of him, and a hybrid shifter with a wicked imagination.

This story was so good. I enjoyed every minute of the book. From the moment I started reading I had to find out if Carlin and Lucas made it out and what else was going on. Carlin is an Alpha shifter, yet he’s still able to maintain a clear head and see reason. Most of the time anyway. He’s also amazingly humble and I can’t help but enjoy seeing him and Lucas grow to love each other. Lucas is a slight enigma and I can’t wait to find out more of his story. He treats Carlin with respect when he deserves it, yet won’t take his shit when Carlin is acting like an idiot. Brian wasn’t what he appeared at first but he grew on me by the end of the story. I hated Martin from his first smug appearance and I hope like heck he gets what he deserves at some point. But there’s also a tiny hint thrown out that makes me wonder if there’s more to Martin than mets the eye as well. This is a wonderful first story in a series that sets up a society that is slightly broken and ruled by the corrupt and wicked. There’s clearly more going on than you originally think, yet you’re left to wonder some things by the end of the book that makes you want to read book two right away. I cannot wait for it to come out because I will read it as soon as it does!
Four and a half

Guest Post:
Carlin stops by to give a little bit of a sneak peek at what happens next for him and Lucas. Their next book will be out in November and I cannot wait to get my hands on it. Read and enjoy!
Hi everyone, I do hope you enjoyed the story of me and Lucas and the ins and outs of how we met, mated and managed get free of that wretched Martin and the Souterrain. In book two Lucas and I have finally found somewhere to call home, thanks to my ex-trainer Brian. The house is like a safe house for shifters on the run from the Elite force. They don’t stay very long, but we help them where we can.

Things were going along fine until Lucas’s father turned up – who would have guessed it? Lucas got so upset, and who the heck could blame him? Not only that but the man didn’t come alone – oh no, he had a blooming bear with him and after the events in Uncaged, believe me I am not interested in having much to do with bears again.

The hawk though, damn he is one fine man…if I wasn’t mated to Lucas…oh, wait scrap that bit. He’ll read it and I’ll be in the doghouse again. Suffice to say the hawk is sex on a stick, and causes more than a few sparks in our little home.

Lucas is still trying to work out the limits of his powers. I got to admit the whole Smaug thing he had going on was so hot, but of course he doesn’t shift into his dragon form very often – not exactly the sort of thing you can hide from the locals. I just hope having his dad around doesn’t through Lucas for a loop because there is more agro coming from Martin – I know I should have killed that man when I had the chance. Looks like our future is going to be anything but quiet for a while. Check out the second book in the series coming in late November.

Carlin knew he was behaving like an idiot pacing up and down the floor of his small apartment, but he couldn’t stop. How long did it take for one man to have a shower for fucks sake? He’d ordered food for the both of them. Having been a fighter for more than five years, Carlin knew that Lucas would be hungry – hopefully for food and sex. But if the bloody man didn’t get his skates on then Carlin would eat alone and get straight to dessert when Lucas arrived.

About to call Brian and find out where his errant fuck had gone, Carlin caught the sound of people outside of his door. He threw himself on the couch and picked up a book. He didn’t want Lucas thinking he was waiting for him or anything.

Brian came in, Lucas a few steps behind him.

“Alpha Fighter Carlin. This is Lucas, ranked fifth after today.”

Carlin was surprised. He’d heard the man had moved swiftly up the ranks, but he didn’t realize that Lucas was so close to a shot for an Alpha ranking. In theory, one more fight and he might have to fight Lucas in the ring. For a moment Carlin was tempted to send the man away. He did have some conscience, even after so many years of being a fighting machine. He didn’t want to have to kill someone who had been in his bed.

But then Lucas stepped past Brian, and Carlin was caught in angry eyes. Silver eyes. Something tugged at Carlin’s brain – the eye color had some significance, didn’t it? But then Lucas’s scent hit Carlin’s nose and any rational thought fell straight out of his brain.

“Leave, Brian,” Carlin said, standing up and not breaking his stare with Lucas. He knew his body radiated the power he was famous for, and guessed he might look intimidating, as he heard Brian whisper to Lucas as he scurried out of the door, “I told you not to stare at an Alpha. You’re dead meat pup.”

“Better dead than a fuck toy,” Lucas snarled – his comment for Brian, but those silver eyes stayed fixed on Carlin.

“I agree,” Carlin said, his voice dropping as he got closer. Before Lucas could react, he reached his hand around, grabbing Lucas by the nape and pushing the man’s face into his throat. Whatever Lucas was going to say was muffled by Carlin’s skin, although the man was kicking, punching and doing everything he could to get free.

“Sniff, damn you,” Carlin said urgently. “Fucking sniff, and then I’ll let you go.”

Carlin felt Lucas quieten, although his body still stayed rigid in Carlin’s grasp. Lucas’s deep inhale was the only sound in the room. Carlin knew the moment Lucas had worked out what Carlin was trying to say.

About The Authors:
Lisa Oliver had been writing non-fiction books for years when visions of half dressed, buff men started invading her dreams. Unable to resist the lure of her stories, Lisa decided to switch to fiction books, and now stories about her men clamor to get out from under her fingertips.

When Lisa is not writing, she is usually reading with a cup of tea always at hand. Her grown children and grandchildren sometimes try and pry her away from the computer and have found that the best way to do it, is to promise her chocolate. Lisa will do anything for chocolate.

Lisa loves to hear from her readers and other writers. You can friend her on Facebook here, or email her directly at

Thomas Oliver doesn’t have a lot of time for writing itself although he can talk about his ideas for hours. A construction worker by day, he has a wicked imagination and it was from sharing some of his ideas with Lisa, that the idea for this series was born.

When not working, Thomas is like any other young man. He loves to spend time with friends, his girlfriend and working on his car. His dream is to do up a project car – something mean, with attitude and plenty of power under the hood.

Anyone wanting to contact Thomas can do so through Facebook.

Author Contact:

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  1. This is on my wish list. I love Ms Oliver’s shifter books so I look forward to this book she co wrote with her son.. I like shifter books that are different.


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