Review: Scoundrel by Wendy Rathbone

Antares is a willing sex slave, trained in the harems of Anada since the age of 18, and owned by a wealthy master who spoils his slaves. But all that changes when Empire soldiers invade Antares’ world and he is taken away from the only life he’s ever known.

In a colonized galaxy where starships are as common as houseflies, and a dark Empire seeks to control thousands of civilized worlds, there are those who fall through the cracks and refuse to be conquered, including the pirate, Slate, and his crew.

Out in the darkness of the unknown, among Empire soldiers and scoundrels, will bad fates befall Antares and his fellow captive companions?

Will Slate finally find the love he’s been looking for his whole life?

Can Slate and Antares ever see eye to eye?

This story is so good. I love Wendy’s writing style and how she tells a story. I loved how Antares grew in the story. He showed Slate how he wanted things to be and that he made his own choices. I loved how Slate worked through some of his own long standing issues while he was with Antares, even if neither of them realized it at first. I guessed a tiny bit of Slate’s backstory but you get the full picture right at the end. I so didn’t expect what his story would up being! Nile and Dusk are wonderful friends to Antares and were very sweet together as well. I enjoyed the world created and would love to see more stories set in this futuristic society and the cultures described. So rich and full in such a short amount of time.

About Wendy:
Wendy Rathbone has had dozens of stories published in anthologies such as: Hot Blood, Writers of the Future (second place,) Bending the Landscape, Mutation Nation, A Darke Phantastique, and more. The book “Dreams of Decadence Presents: Wendy Rathbone and Tippi Blevins” contains a large collection of her vampire stories and poems. Over 500 of her poems have been published in various anthologies and magazines. She won first place in the Anamnesis Press poetry chapbook contest with her book “Scrying the River Styx.” Her poems have been nominated for the Science Fiction Poetry Association’s Rhysling award at least a dozen times. Her recent books include: “Pale Zenith,” science fiction novel “The Foundling,” male/male romance novel “None Can Hold the Dark,” sequel to “The Foundling” “The Secret Sharer,” science fiction romance novella “Unearthly,” omnibus collection of 7 out-of-print poetry booklets “The Vampire Diaries: The Myth,” available from Kindle Worlds “The Vampire Dairies: Deep In the Virginia Woods,” available from Kindle Worlds Upcoming very soon: “My House Is Full Of Whispers,” erotica short story collection “Letters To An Android,” science fiction novel Look for more novels and short story collections coming up in 2014. She lives in Yucca Valley, CA with her partner of 32 years, Della Van Hise.

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