Book Blast and Giveaway: Don’t Throw Me Away by Brina Brady (Bend Over Book 2)

Shane O’Rourke screws up. He has the best intentions, but doesn’t always think things through. He means well, really he does. Shane gives up his old habits of stealing, lying, and using drugs, but he isn’t the perfect sub. He has some slip-ups here and there. He loves his Dom, and desires to please him in every way. Shane is determined to be honest, but when he finds himself in a big mess, he would do anything to not disappoint his Dom. He fears losing Julien’s love and care. One mess leads Shane into another. And this one threatens more than just his contract.

Julien Callier needs to find a way to get Shane under control. When Julien thinks his sub has cheated on him, he doubts his ability to meet Shane’s needs. Shane would be devastated if he lost his collar and Julien’s love. Shane’s sole purpose is to convince his Dom he is worthy to wear his collar. Can their D/s relationship and their love weather Shane’s mess ups and Julien’s loss of trust in his sub?

This is a Gay adult consensual story focused on themes of corporal discipline punishment and explicit sex.

“How did you hook Master Julien?” Nick asked.

“I didn’t hook him. He took me off the streets and then he trained me to be a sub.”

“You don’t look like any of the subs that Master Julien has played with before. He always goes for shaved heads, and he always wants his subs half-naked. You’re supposed to be naked and shaved for a collaring.” This guy wore a leather G-string and black boots.

“That’s between Master Julien and me. It’s none of your damn business.”

“How come he didn’t mark you with a whip on the St. Andrew’s Cross? Master Julien is the whip master.”

“I don’t need to answer your fucking questions.” Shane wasn’t about to discuss with Nick that he never wanted to be whipped. He wasn’t into that much pain.

“No you don’t, but I challenge you to ask Master Julien to whip you publicly on the St. Andrew’s Cross to show your obedience. I mean, what kind of collaring did you have anyway, without being marked with a whip by the whip master?”

“He marked me with a cane.”

“You’re a wannabe. You can’t meet the whip master’s needs. He’s going to get tired of you and that mop of yours.” He yanked on Shane’s hair.

About Brina:
I am from Huntington Beach, Ca. I taught various subjects at a Continuation High School in Los Angeles, California for 27 years. I obtained a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in history, Secondary Social Science Credential and a Master’s Degree in Secondary Reading and Secondary Education from California State University, Long Beach. I also enrolled in some creative writing classes at UCLA. I am currently taking classes from Romance Writers of America.

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