Review: Secrets by Maggie Walsh (Angel Pack Book 2)

Secrets from Gabriel’s past haunt him and hold him back from claiming his mate. His internal struggle has always caused him to keep to himself. But this struggle is giving Taylor mixed signals, and a whole lot of pain. Gabriel won’t tell Taylor that they are mates, but he doesn’t know that Taylor already knows.

The pain from his mate’s rejection causes Taylor to spin out of control and in return he lashes out at everyone, including his best friend Jesse.

Taylor holds a big secret that he tries to deal with alone. With new friends, late night parties and a lot of alcohol, he decides to leave the pack, Jesse, and Gabriel behind to keep his secret hidden. But by keeping his secret from the ones he loves, it will cause them to lose him forever.

Can Gabriel face his demons in time to save Taylor? Or will he be too late and spend eternity alone?

So much happened in this book I couldn’t stop reading once I started. I wondered if Gabriel and Taylor were going to get together since they danced around each other in the first book. They both had things keeping them from mating and being happy together. But boy those hits kept coming that it was a near thing for them to actually claim each other! I was shocked by the curveball with the doctor and the changes Taylor underwent. I so didn’t see that coming. It really worked with the story though and I didn’t feel the need to give the book my “WTF?” face with the explanation. She gave a reason for how it happened that I believed and flowed well. There’s some amazing set up for the next few stories in the series and I cannot wait to read them.

About Maggie:
Maggie Walsh lives with her husband and four children in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of northeast Pennsylvania. She and her husband have been together for over twenty years.

Maggie was born and raised on Long Island, with her very large, Irish, Catholic family. Maggie was raised to believe that it didn’t matter what anyone’s difference was, male/female, fat/skinny, black/white, gay/straight, it was how someone treated you that mattered. In her house everyone was welcome.

People always said the Walsh home was literally “The Great American Melting Pot.” In Maggie’s family, they have so many different nationalities and religions. There are Democrats and Republicans, Conservatives and Liberals, Gay and Straight. They may disagree at times, but the one thing they all agree on, is family first. They all always have each other’s backs. And this is how Maggie and her husband raise their own children.

Maggie was interested in writing from a very young age, but lacked the confidence in herself. She would spend hours alone, just writing and making up stories and characters that only she read. She would put these stories away in a chest and forget about them. Life went on and Maggie started working, fell in love, got married, and had children. But secretly she would write. Again, these stories always found their way into the chest with the others.

One day her oldest son started to show an interest in writing, he wants to be an author when he grows up. Discussions with him made her creative juices start flowing again. He inspired her to finally sit down and take it seriously. So Maggie started to write again.

About two years ago, Maggie purchased a book through Amazon on her Kindle, along with the hundreds of others she has on there and laying around her house. But this book was different, she found herself immersed in the story and it took her till chapter four to realize that the main characters were both men. It shocked her at first, but she was loving the story, so she continued to read it. By the time she was done she was surprised at how much she liked the book, considering it was an M/M erotic romance. Before this she didn’t even know this type of book existed.

She got on her computer and started researching this genre. She found another book that looked interesting and purchased it. Before she knew it she had purchased and read the whole series. Which at the time consisted of 25 books, the series is bigger now. She was hooked.

One night, Maggie woke up in the middle of the night with a story going on in her head, she couldn’t shake it. So she got up, grabbed a pen and a notebook and spent the rest of the night writing the story that woke her up. She wrote four chapters by the time she realized she needed to wake the kids and get them to school. While they were gone, she spent the whole day writing this story. Then the next four months re-reading it, fixing it, and changing things.

She finally told her teenaged son about writing the book and he encouraged her to submit it to a publisher. So she did, and her first bookBetrayal was born.

More stories to follow Betrayal and other stories now wake her almost nightly and she writes those thoughts down on a pad she now keeps on her nightstand. Now when the kids go off to school, you can always find Maggie sitting in her favorite chair with her laptop and a cup of tea, creating her new stories and characters with confidence. She has found a genre that has finally set her and her stories free.

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