Guest Post and Giveaway: The Woodland Village Series by Viki Lynn

Blue Skye

After years apart, two childhood friends are reunited– but will Skye settle for less than love and will Drew face his greatest fear?

Skye Taylor lives the artist life in Manhattan, openly gay and proud. Drew Adams, socially conservative and from one of Woodland Village’s wealthiest families, lives within the limits of his father’s expectations. A successful architect, Drew is content with his work and his marriage. The secret he desperately hides remains safely hidden behind lies and deception, so he thought.

Best friends in high school, Skye and Drew were inseparable. Quiet and serious, Drew was drawn to the outgoing Skye and his hippy loving parents. Then graduation night changes everything. Uncontrollable urges are discovered in a night of passion, a love Drew refuses to acknowledge, a love Skye refuses to deny. Skye leaves town, leaves Drew and leaves all his feelings behind. But he never forgot Drew and that one night that changed their lives.

Years later, painful memories surface with Skye’s arrival and Drew’s carefully constructed world begins to unravel.

Skye took out two glasses and cleaned them with his shirttail. He shoved the bottles back on the shelf and poured the brandy while shutting the cabinet door with his foot. He handed a brandy to Drew. Did he dare sit next to him? Or, should he play it cool?

Skye sank into the armchair across from Drew. Yeah. Better to play it cool.

Drew looked around the room. “This place has real possibilities. The location’s fantastic. Bay windows would open this room and bring in the ocean.”

“I don’t plan on living here.”

Drew swirled the brandy in his glass, the thick liquor coating the sides. “You’re not more than two hours away from New York by train.”

“It might as well be eight. It’s another world.”

“It’s your home.”

“Was my home. There’s no reason for me to visit, not anymore.”

Not when you don’t want me.

Ryan’s Harbor
One-night stands and pretty women don’t seem to give Ryan that buzz that it once did. When he meets his architect, Martin Pierson, there’s a deep connection that goes beyond friendship. Can they cross the barrier into love?

The boys of Woodland Village are back. This time it’s Drew’s brother, Ryan Adams, that’s going through a crisis of doubt. He’s always been the guy who breezed through relationships, never getting serious with the women he dates. He doesn’t know why, but one-night stands and pretty women don’t seem to give him that buzz like before.

Then one night, at his brother’s barbecue, he encounters Drew’s assistant, Martin Pierson. Martin agrees to design Ryan’s new building for his gaming company – Fantasy Arts. As they spend time together in and out of the office, their working relationship grows into friendship and something more. But Martin can’t forgive himself for causing his brother’s death to allow for love. Ryan wants to be Martin’s safe harbor, a steadfast place where Martin can heal his heart. But can Martin put his trust in the notorious playboy of Woodland Village?

Guest Post:
The couples from Woodland Village are going to answer a few questions Newlywed Game style on each tour stop. Today we welcome Ryan Adams and Martin Pierson from Ryan’s Harbor. How will they handle the hot seat? Read and enjoy!
HOST: (Laughing) Okay, Skye seems to know Drew well, as we read in the last post. So today we continue on with Ryan and Martin. Ryan, what is your partner’s most irritating habit?

Ryan: (Fidgets with the card on his lap) Ah, can I switch out the question for the comfort food one? I might be sleeping on the sofa tonight.

Martin: (Hits Ryan playfully on the head with his card) Hey, I know I’m not perfect, but I don’t pick my nose, either.

Ryan: (Smirks) Yeah. Yeah. Okay, here it goes. (He lifts the card) Leave his shit on the floor next to the bed. Drops his pants, shirt, anything that he’s wearing without hanging anything up.

Martin: You call that irritating? Not washing for days. That’s irritating. (Shakes his head and lifts his card). Leaving crumbled tissues in the car, that’s irritating. What the fuck do you care about a pile of innocent clothes?

Ryan: (Laughing) Because half the time you leave them on my side because we’re in such a hurry to strip. And I trip on them on the way to bathroom at night. But I guess I shouldn’t complain because your naked body is a turn-on. (He gives Martin a big, sloppy kiss and the audience ‘ahs’)

Martin: (Blushing) Not here! Ah, fuck. (He covers his groin with the card.)

HOST: (Holding up hands)  TMI…TMI… Seems you both have different ideas on what’s irritating. Or not. We’ll move on to the next tour stop tomorrow, where you’ll hear from John and Martin from John’s Match. And don’t forget to enter the Rafflecopter.

John’s Match
Fantasy writer Scott Marwick just might be John’s financial savior if John can convince Scott to sign over the character rights for a new computer game. John befriends Scott for one purpose — to get him to sign — never planning on falling in love. When John shatters Scott’s trust, can Scott forgive and move on from his past mistakes?

John Kramer discovers two guys humping on the hood of his Ferrari in the parking lot of the local gay bar. When he finds one of the pair alone and in a drunken stupor, John drives him home. To his surprise, the young man’s father is his new next door neighbor, Scott Marwick. Tempers flare when Scott accuses John of getting his son inebriated and taking advantage of him. John plans to never see the man again.

Then John’s boss flips out when he finds out the jerk next door is the Scott Marwick, a temperamental, but famous fantasy writer. The elusive author could save their company from financial ruin if they can get him to sign over his characters for a computer game. Ryan insists John befriend Scott, show him around the Village and get him to agree to a meeting.

The last thing Scott needs is friends. He moved to Woodland Village to forget about the past and to write. Since his partner’s death three years ago, he hasn’t written one word, and his agent, publisher, and fans are clamoring for the final book of his award-winning series. His life is spiraling out of control and he doesn’t know if he can finish his series. He doesn’t need the complication of love and he certainly wouldn’t associate his name with a computer game.

But when John’s life begins to fall apart, Scott must decide where his loyalties lie — with John or his principles.

About Viki:
Rainbow Award winner, Viki Lyn is a successful writer of sexy romance, both gay and straight. She likes a challenge and at times breaks the rules of her genre. But always, it’s the romance that drives her stories to their happily-ever-after. You can also find her at Viki Vina Romance – the site of her books co-authored with Vina Grey. Check out their popular Orbus Arcana m/m vampire series!

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27-Jul: The Novel Approach, Love Bytes
28-Jul: Molly Lolly
29-Jul: Havan Fellows
30-Jul: BFD Book Blog
31-Jul: Prism Book Alliance, MM Good Book Reviews

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