Review and Giveaway: Plaid Nights Anthology

In Plaid Nights, men in kilts are as varied as they are hot. Whether they’re caber tossers, rugby players, Highland warriors, country dancers, or time-traveling vampires, they’re up for surprises and sexy good times.

Rob Rosen starts us off with humor in “Tossing It.” Contemporary men discover love in unexpected places in “Whiskey and Want” by Megan McFerren, “Some Like It Scot” by Julia Talbot, “Perfect Working Order” by Elizabeth Coldwell, and “Off-Kilter” by Racheline Maltese & Erin McRae. We get a taste of the paranormal in “Sir WW” by Angelique Voisen, “Feumaidh Mi Ruith (I Have to Run)” by Missouri Dalton, and “Kilt in the Closet” by Logan Zachary. And we’re treated to forbidden love in historicals “Hunting for a Highlander” by Lila Mathews, “A Time to Heal” by Anna Mansel, and “As Fair Art Thou, My Bonny Lad” by McKay.

In these stories, some tartan-clad men wear their kilts in the “traditional manner,” while others are less daring. But all find love, and of course, a happy ending—especially at night, when the plaid comes off.

This anthology is full of sexy, fun, and exciting stories with one thing in common. Kilts! As someone that loves men in kilts, gingers, and Scottish things, this anthology was just what I was looking for. I love when anthologies are full of stories that I enjoy and not a single one leaves me disappointed. It’s quite hard to achieve since there are so many authors and so many different stories. But this one I couldn’t put down. My only complaint is the lack of full HEAs in many of the stories, but that’s hard to achieve in the anthology word limits.
Overall Stars:
Tossing It by Rob Rosen
This was a fun little sexy story. Greg and Tom are good together and they have some fun with a buff caber tosser. Short and to the point, but all around sexy fun. It does include graphic sex with an extra person that isn’t part of the end relationship, so if that’s not your thing, skip this story in the anthology. However I enjoyed it and liked the extra person for “just because”.
Whiskey and Want by Megan McFerren
Cute story! I like how Jake accepts Andrew just as he is. The Scottish-Cowboy theme of the party was kind silly, but yet it worked. Kilts, cowboy hats, and boots. What more could you want? Despite the short length, the characters are engaging. I’d love to read more from these two to see how they handle a possible long term relationship.
Hunting For A Highlander by Lila Mathews
This story was very interesting. The setting was fascinating. Seeing the two clansmen work together to secure food for others was a nice addition to the story. I would have liked to see how they do when they get back to their clan though. I did like how the author wove the story. I’ll gladly read more by her in the future!
Sir WW by Angelique Voisen
Such a good story! The characters are so fascinating. I found Magnus interesting. The way he wanted to share things with WW, and wants to keep him from his fate. I felt the emotions between the two men while they were together. I so want a sequel to this story with some kind of HEA. These two are wonderful together.
Four and a half
Feumaidh Me Ruith by Missouri Dalton
This story was so fun! I really like how Marcas and Cary meet. Their adventure finding the brooch was exciting. I didn’t expect how it ended. I loved that Marcas went after Cary. I would love to see more of these two. But they’re definitely happy together at the end of the story. I liked the writing style and hope to read more by Missouri in the future.
Four and a half
Some Like It Scot by Julia Talbot
I enjoyed how Jeremy and Riley moved from friends to dating. Riley was sweet in how he took care of Jeremy when his foot was hurt. They are cute together at the end. I would love to see more of these two. Especially them going to the Highland Games together. And them still together in a few years.
Four and a half
A Time To Heal by Anna Mansel
This story made me keep reading to see how it ends and things tie together. Conall was so torn in his allegiance; family or heart. Which is hard for a man of the time period this is written in. Eoghann is interesting in that he took his oath as a healer seriously, but was still hurt and enraged at the events that brought Blair and Conall to him. Conall and Eoghann are definitely destined to be together. You can feel the emotions between them even after only a short time together.
As Fair Art Thou, My Bonny Lad by McKay
Such a sweet story. Adie was so caring of Niall when he needed it. Plus they built their relationship slowly. They put on airs of friendship so the townsfolk didn’t get suspicious and made it work. I loved the ending. You can clearly tell they’ll be together until death parts them.
Four and a half
Kilt In The Closet by Logan Zachary
Interesting story. The premise is different and I enjoyed. But it wasn’t fleshed out as well as it could have been. The second sex scene was a little awkward at times. I liked how Jeff took care of Nathan at the end when he needed it.
Three and a half
Perfect Working Order by Elizabeth Coldwell
This is a fun little story. Gary was humble about his burgeoning acting career. And Miles was trying to be slick and sneaky. I would love to see if they get together past Miles’ wanting to know lines he used. Or if it’s just a one-off for them. They seem to work well together, and their past friendship helps.
Off-Kilter by Racheline Maltese and Erin McRae
I so enjoyed this story. How Eric and Rob meet is quite fun and silly. I could totally picture Eric bungling up the dance moves as I read it. How Rob reacts is cute. I liked the ending and how they have plans to date more. Would love to see a sequel of this story so I can find out if they make a relationship work.

From “Tossing It” by Rob Rosen
He took a spoonful of stew into his mouth, green eyes sparkling in the daylight. He was cute in a lanky, pale, freckled sort of way. He sighed contentedly as he set the spoon back down. “Just like mom used to make.”

“Back in the old country?”

He laughed. “Back in New Jersey. Though Newark is sort of old.”

We continued eating together, side by side. His leg brushed mine. It stayed brushed. I didn’t move mine away; he didn’t move his either. This was an odd turn of events. Was he gay? Not a clue. Still, most guys would’ve moved their legs away. Maybe he was simply oblivious. Straight guys sometimes had a habit of that. You just never knew. Then again, you could test the theory if you were so inclined. Me, I was always so inclined.

I pointed to a throng of kilted behemoths off to the side. “What’s with the skirted mountain men?”

He chuckled. “Caber tossers.”

“That some sort of Scottish slang for rednecks?”

He turned my way, eyes locking with mine. It was like staring into a field of emeralds. Guess I’d been too busy staring at his crotch before to notice. Shame on me. “Caber tossers. They toss logs. Poles. Big ones.” Well, he’d certainly know about big poles, I figured. “They’re up to twenty feet tall and almost two hundred pounds.”

“And they toss them? Why?”

“For sport.”

I ate a couple more bites of my fish. It was perfectly cooked, greasy and flaky. My stomach settled down. “Sport? Like tiddlywinks for giants?”

He nodded as he continued eating his stew. His eyes rarely left mine. I was all too glad to return the favor. I stared at his freckles, connecting the dots, constellations hidden in the patterns. “Something like that.”

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