Review: Into the Wind by Shira Anthony (Mermen of Ea Book 2)

Since learning of his merman shifter heritage, Taren has begun building a life with Ian Dunaidh among the mainland Ea. But memories of his past life still haunt him, and as the threat of war with the hostile island merfolk looms ever closer, Taren fears he will lose Ian the same way he lost his beloved centuries before. Together they sail to the Gateway Islands in search of the fabled rune stone—a weapon of great power the Ea believe will protect them—and Odhrán, the pirate rumored to possess it.

After humans attack the Phantom, Taren finds himself washed up on an island, faced with a mysterious boy named Brynn who promises to lead him to Odhrán. But Taren isn’t sure if he can trust Brynn, and Odhrán is rumored to enslave Ea to protect his stronghold. Taren will have to put his life on the line to find his way back to Ian and attempt to recover the stone. Even if he does find it, his troubles are far from over: he and Ian are being stalked by an enemy who wants them dead at all costs.

First, I want to say that I read the first book in this trilogy when it first came out. Completely amazing book that you must read before picking this one up. The stories do need to be read in order, but now that all three books are out you can just binge read them all and be happy. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did. Ok, onto the review of book two.
Oh my gosh! So many things happened in this book. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time and I couldn’t stop reading! The book just sucks you in and doesn’t quit until it’s over. Taren understands himself and his purpose more throughout the story. I an also has to come to the realization that Taren has a mind of his own and he can’t constantly try to keep him wrapped in cotton. I truly loved Odhrán the pirate. He’s an interesting character I can’t wait to get to know more. I’m so glad the third and final book is out already so I can go ahead and read it to find out what happens next. Because, total cliffhanger at the end. Loved it, but I immediately started reading book three. HAD to know!
Four and a half

About Shira:
In her last incarnation, Shira was a professional opera singer, performing roles in such operas as “Tosca,” “i Pagliacci,” and “La Traviata,” among others. She’s given up TV for evenings spent with her laptop, and she never goes anywhere without a pile of unread M/M romance on her Kindle.

Shira is married with two children and two insane dogs, and when she’s not writing she is usually in a courtroom trying to make the world safer for children. When she’s not working, she can be found aboard a 36’ catamaran at the Carolina coast with her favorite sexy captain at the wheel.

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