Review, Guest Post and Giveaway: Go Your Own Way by Zane Riley

Will Osborne couldn’t wait to put the roller coaster ride of his public education behind him. Having suffered bullying and harassment since grade school, he planned a senior year that would be simple and quiet before going away to college and starting fresh. But when a reform school transfer student struts into his first class, Will realizes that the thrill ride has only just begun.

Lennox McAvoy is an avalanche. He’s crude, flirtatious, and the most insufferable, beautiful person Will’s ever met. From his ankle monitor to his dull smile, Lennox appears irredeemable. But when Will’s father falls seriously ill, Will discovers that there is more to Lennox than meets the eye.

There is so much emotion in this book. I love how it just pours out of the pages and makes me feel right along with the characters. Plus the sexual tension was amazing! It really got my heart pounding. Lennox breaks my heart with how he’s treated. Sure he’s got an attitude problem, a criminal record, and more emotional baggage than a USAirways lost and found, but everyone he meets brushes him off without a second glance. They see the surface, the front he puts up, and they don’t bother to see beyond it. Will doesn’t either at first. But the more time they spend together, and the more they break down each other’s walls, Will finally gets Lennox. I love how Lennox is Will’s rock during the hard times. And how Will just peels away at Lennox’s walls and barriers. My only problem with the story is that it ends with a happy for now and some unanswered questions. I have read Mr. Riley is writing a sequel and I cannot wait to read it. I want more from these characters and their story. I want to see them survive high school and the problems they’re in the middle of facing. I want to see them ten years from now, happy and still in love, married and talking kids, maybe, possibly, if Lennox can get over his fear that I know Will will gladly help him with. I’m also hoping like crazy it comes out tomorrow. No? Dang. A girl can dream though, right?
Four and a half

Guest Post:
I asked Zane to talk to us a bit about Will and Lennox’s plans for after high school. Love what he wrote! Read and enjoy!
New York City is the first thing to know about Will’s future plans. Ever since he was a little kid and saw his first, and only, episode of Friends, Will has been in love with the idea of living in New York City, The Big Apple. His dad called it that when he asked and Will adored that name as much as the shots of the skyline on screen. He spent all of third grade asking his dad if he was allowed to take a big bite out of it, or if it would all be rotten by the time he had the chance. His dad always replied with, “When you’re old enough it’ll be there.”

Now, Will almost is. He’s looking at colleges in the city, particularly Sarah Lawrence, and asking his stepmom about her time in New York City when she was younger. All of his plans are organized and ready. It’s just a matter of applying and getting in, but one thing he’s put off (and ignored) is having a romantic relationship. When he’s in the city, he’s always thought, then he’ll meet someone to spend his life with. But then Lennox comes into his life like a stampede of wildebeests. He’s overwhelmed by him, and then scared of what the end of the year might mean. How does Lennox fit into his future plans if he leaves?

Because Lennox doesn’t make plans. He doesn’t know the first thing about meticulously planning out a future or his life. Everything is day-to-day and hour-to-hour for Lennox. Nobody in his life has ever been reliable enough to give him the chance to plan for anything more. Lennox hasn’t put any thought into colleges or a career or falling in love with someone. All of that is outside of his perception until it ends up in his lap. For Lennox, the future is now, and trusting anything beyond that is ridiculous.

Lennox leaned forward until Will could smell the peppermint on his breath and the smoke on his clothes. He shivered again and tried to make himself back away. But his body didn’t seem to want to cooperate any more than Lennox. Will met his eyes—could see himself reflected in them. They looked like a pair of pennies, bright and bronze as if they were sitting in a shallow, sunlit fountain. It was a beauty Will didn’t want to think about.

“You don’t have to tease so much,” Lennox whispered. That smile stayed on his face, and Will had to look away. His eyes fell on his hands gripping his chair and the white knuckles under his skin. If he looked in those eyes again, he would do something stupid. Like slap Lennox—or kiss him.

About Zane:
Zane Riley wrote his first work of fan fiction in the fourth grade, a Star Wars story in a notebook recently unearthed from the back of a closet.

Zane is a transgender writer and recent recipient of a degree in English: Creative Writing from the University of Mary Washington. Go Your Own Way is his first novel.

In his spare time, Zane is a musician and frustrated fan of the Baltimore Orioles.

Author Contact:
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Twitter: @ZaneNebula

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