Review, Guest Post and Giveaway: The Biker’s Omega by Lisa Oliver

Marly Miles has been happy in his life as a lone Omega wolf, living and working among the humans of Orlando, Florida. When an attack on him and his friend brings Marly to the notice of the Sergeant of Arms of the Epitaph’s Motorcycle Club, he realizes immediately that the man carries the same scent as his attackers. Not a very good start when the same man is also his mate.

Alpha wolf, Trent Beaumont has spent a lot of years living as a human when he walked away from his home pack. Forced to live as a straight man, because of the Epitaph’s club culture, he walks away from Marly after checking the man is safe. But no wolf, not even an Alpha, can refuse the mating call from the Fates. But with his President looking over his shoulder, and a woman panting after him to share his bed, Trent isn’t sure it will ever be the right time to claim his own Omega.

Fights, misunderstandings and a lack of communication aren’t the only problems Trent and Marly face. Trent has a history that has clouded his judgment and when Marly gets attacked again, Trent realizes he could lose his mate permanently, if he doesn’t get his head out of the sand.

Warning: Contains one hot biker, a beautiful twink with a sassy mouth, and a ton of misunderstandings. Graphic m/m sex, violence and strong language.

The story was very interesting. I liked the look at how Trent and Marly got the club to change their stance on race, orientation, etc. I felt bad for Clive and how e had to give up the person he loved. But it did mean he was understanding. I wasn’t a fan of how Trent treated Marly through most of the book. However, I liked when he finally fixed his behavior. I wish there would have been a bit more to the story after the revelation of how he was hurting Marly’s feelings and changing his actions. You could tell Marly didn’t want to be in the club all that much, but he did it for Trent. The scene where Trent “forces” Steph to say she doesn’t want him anymore is absolutely hysterical! I was dying laughing by the end of that scene. I’m very interested in some of the side characters in this story and want to know who they have their happy ending with because they deserve happy endings too.

Guest Post:
I asked Marly to join me here today to talk about where he likes to go when riding on the back of Trent’s bike. Of course he has some wonderful things to say about riding and his mate, Trent. Read and enjoy!
Hello and thank you for hosting me on your blog today. My name’s Marly and I’m one half of the dynamic duo in Lisa Oliver’s book, The Biker’s Omega. Yes, I’m an omega wolf, but that doesn’t mean that I’m a pushover. Ask the guys at the Epitaphs if you have any worries about that. One thing I have learned, since being claimed by my Alpha, Trent – and no I am not going to go into how angry I was that he did that without my permission – is that I have come to love riding on Trent’s bitch seat.

Trent’s a biker. He looks like one, he acts like one, and yep, I have to admit that pushes all of my buttons. But riding on the back of Trent’s Fat Boy (a Harley for the uninitiated) is a dream come true for me. The wind on my face, Trent’s muscles all in easy reach and the throb of the bike between my legs – hmmm, makes me horny just thinking about it.

We don’t have special places that we go. I mean a lot of the time we are riding with the Club (the Epitaphs). Because Trent is Clive’s number two we get to ride up the front, and that is a power buzz all on its own. We ride out into the country, find a pub for a meal, things like that. Other times we go somewhere specific, like when Trent, Clive, Levi and Saul all took me to Dollywood. That was an awesome trip but thank goodness we stopped for the night half way there. Believe me five hours on a motorcycle is more than enough for one sitting, and I had been working half the day before we left. My back was aching and my bum had gone numb – but Trent helped me out with that in the hotel room, yum.

Sorry, you wanted me to talk about places we go on the bike. The places don’t really matter, it’s the experience of the journey that is important. Oh, listen to me being all philosophical and stuff. It’s not like that. But honestly, I don’t care where we go. I trust Trent to keep me safe, no matter what and honestly, once I climb up on that bike, and snuggle into Trent’s back, all of my cares just disappear.

I asked my man if he could teach me how to ride a motorcycle the other day. Well, slap me down and call me stupid because that was a dumb thing to do. Apparently, and I am quoting Trent here, I am “the most important accessory” he has on his bike. I am not sure I like the idea of being an accessory and I let the big lug know how I felt about his choice of words, but what my emotionally stunted mate was trying to say, was that he liked me safe on his bike, he liked me tucked up behind him while we rode. Who can argue with that?

Being on the bike is like being free. No one can hassle me, I feel so happy with the wind in my face, although bugs in my teeth is another story altogether. You learn to keep your mouth shut on a bike pretty quickly, especially when you don’t wear a helmet.   There’s that feeling of power when Trent opens up the throttle and the engine roars beneath you. There is no other feeling like it in the world, and when I am on the bike behind my mate, I don’t care where we going.

Trent had been waiting hours, freaking hours, for his mate to get home. He had pulled into the apartment block about an hour after he left the club, figuring a shower and a change of clothes was a good idea. But from the scent in the hallway outside of Marly’s apartment door, it seemed he had just missed the little man. Oh, well. Maybe his mate had gone out for food. Four hours later, Trent had to leave his post to get his own food and to take a bathroom break. But in less than thirty minutes, he was back at his post, waiting for Marly to get home. He didn’t remember falling asleep, but being awoken by a mini biker vision in black was more than Trent’s control could handle, especially when Marly smelled of so many different men. The little shit had been clubbing and while Trent wasn’t silly enough to think that Marly had been with anyone else, his wolf’s need to cover the man with his own scent was overwhelming.

Yes, he meant to talk to Marly first – get to know a little bit about the man he was about to become bonded to. Trent wasn’t some crass shifter who fucked first, and then talked after. Not with his mate at least. With most men he had enjoyed in the past it was fuck first and then fuck the talking. But Trent wanted to explain to Marly about his position in the club and what was happening there. He needed to find out about Marly’s pack status and explain his own lack of one. But then the sexy man just had to put a wiggle in his step as he walked passed him and that one little movement shattered what was left of Trent’s resolve, already weakened by his long wait. It had been so long since he had enjoyed a man in his arms, and this one was already deemed perfect for him by the Fates. He didn’t have the strength to argue with that sort of situation.

And right now? With Marly’s mouth open under his, Trent couldn’t think of one goddamn fucking reason why he had wanted to wait at all. The hint of pineapple and cream suggested his mate liked those frou-frou drinks that Trent had never tasted because they looked too girly. The lack of anyone else’s scent on Marly’s tongue meant the man had behaved himself while he was out, and Trent made sure to check, thoroughly, in every crevice and corner of Marly’s mouth.

It wasn’t only Marly’s mouth that was driving Trent insane. Marly’s slim but solid chest was rammed tight between his own and the wall, not a cigarette paper gap between them. Trent moaned as he felt Marly’s cock throbbing behind his jeans, against his own abs, and his Omega’s fingers gripping his shoulders was pure heaven. There was nothing hesitant about Marly – not the way he opened his mouth to accept Trent’s tongue, nor the way he clasped Trent’s shoulders as though the bigger man would try and get away. When Trent felt Marly wrap his lean legs around his waist, opening out that delectable denim covered ass, Trent couldn’t help running his fingers along the seam covered crack. Marly’s full body shiver and the way he pressed even closer into Trent’s chest was proof his mate was as eager for their mating as he was.

His cock threatening the construction of his zipper, Trent was on the verge of coming in his pants and that just would not do. Wrenching his lips from his mate’s enticing mouth, Trent looked down to see Marly’s bright blue eyes were now the shade of a stormy sea.

“Bedroom,” he said roughly. “Or I swear I’ll take you right here, right now.”

Marly blinked for a few moments and Trent wasn’t sure if the man was thinking about his options, or just trying to get his brain to function.

“Through there,” Marly said finally, his voice almost a whisper, pointing over Trent’s back.

Holding onto Marly tightly, unwilling to let him go for even a second, Trent spun around, spying a door set in the opposite wall. Noting it was the only door in the room, Trent figured he had to be on the right track and he covered the distance from one wall to the other in just five long strides. Thank god his little mate didn’t live in a mansion or he might have been forced to mate with the man on the stairs.

About Lisa:
Lisa Oliver had been writing non-fiction books for years when visions of half dressed, buff men started invading her dreams. Unable to resist the lure of her stories, Lisa decided to switch to fiction books, and now stories about her men clamor to get out from under her fingertips.

When Lisa is not writing, she is usually reading with a cup of tea always at hand. Her grown children and grandchildren sometimes try and pry her away from the computer and have found that the best way to do it, is to promise her chocolate. Lisa will do anything for chocolate.

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