Review: The Lostling by Wendy Rathbone (The Foundling Book 3)

In the first book, The Foundling, Alec is found adrift on a raft at sea by a wealthy, underworld kingpin named Diego. Alec suffers total amnesia, and with nowhere else for him to go, Diego offers him his vast, luxurious estate in the Caribbean as a safe haven where he can recover. A strong bond develops between the two men which not even the cruelties of their darker worlds can break.

As a victim of the sex-slave trade, Alec learns, by the end of book 2, None Can Hold the Dark, more about Alec’s kidnappers as they pose a second threat to his new life with Diego. But he still remembers almost nothing about what happened to him, and his former identity remains a blank.

The Lostling, book 3, takes place directly after the second book as Alec and Diego relocate to San Francisco. There, amid salty winter wind and fog, Alec’s lost memories slowly return and he must relive some of his most painful and terrifying moments to regain his forgotten self. In agonizing dreams and flashes of memory, he finally remembers what happened to him… and why.

OH MY GOSH! MIND BLOWN! AUGH! *flails around excitedly but crazily*
Ok wait, let me explain all of that better because that’s the nutshell-nutjob-Molly version. The last book in this trilogy is from Alec’s point of view. Alec and Diego are very established in this story. It’s only been a handful of months since Diego pulled him out of the water. However love is definitely the name of their game. I loved how supportive Diego was while Alec dealt with his issues. He never pushed when Alec wasn’t ready for it. Sasha proves how awesome he is as well. He seems to know when everyone needs to just take a chill and relax. His way of crashing through life uninhibited is just what Alec needs, along with Diego and Iggy. I felt horrible for Alec as he continued to remember his past and was guilty for things that happened back then. I wasn’t a fan of his friend Anatoli and how he treated life before. However Anatoli proved to be a wonderful person at the end. Alec just wanted to move forward with his life and not have to worry anymore about the past. Detective Stalet helped with that by finding his full identity. At the end of the story, Alec is finally able to move on now that he has all the pieces. He’s able to live a long and happy life with Diego, along with Sasha and Iggy as bodyguards, friends and family. Now I’ll just sit here and anxiously await Sasha and Iggy’s story.

About Wendy:
Wendy Rathbone has had dozens of stories published in anthologies such as: Hot Blood, Writers of the Future (second place,) Bending the Landscape, Mutation Nation, A Darke Phantastique, and more. The book “Dreams of Decadence Presents: Wendy Rathbone and Tippi Blevins” contains a large collection of her vampire stories and poems. Over 500 of her poems have been published in various anthologies and magazines. She won first place in the Anamnesis Press poetry chapbook contest with her book “Scrying the River Styx.” Her poems have been nominated for the Science Fiction Poetry Association’s Rhysling award at least a dozen times. Her recent books include: “Pale Zenith,” science fiction novel “The Foundling,” male/male romance novel “None Can Hold the Dark,” sequel to “The Foundling” “The Secret Sharer,” science fiction romance novella “Unearthly,” omnibus collection of 7 out-of-print poetry booklets “The Vampire Diaries: The Myth,” available from Kindle Worlds “The Vampire Dairies: Deep In the Virginia Woods,” available from Kindle Worlds Upcoming very soon: “My House Is Full Of Whispers,” erotica short story collection “Letters To An Android,” science fiction novel Look for more novels and short story collections coming up in 2014. She lives in Yucca Valley, CA with her partner of 32 years, Della Van Hise.

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