Review, Guest Post and Giveaway: Saving Samuel by Nicole Colville

Police officer Milo and Fireman Daniel have been dating off and on for six years, but it always seems more off than on. Just when their relationship reaches breaking point, someone enters their lives, unknowingly helping the confused couple work through their differences.

Falling in love with the man Daniel rescued and who Milo is investigating as a potential arson suspect isn’t a conventional start to any relationship, especially one which includes a mysterious blond who’s afraid to stop running. But they both see what didn’t work out as a couple, could work out as a ménage.

Daniel and Milo unite to help save Samuel, but quickly realise he’s not the only one being saved.

With so many obstacles in their way threatening to destroy the future they desire, all three have to fight to create a bond too strong for anyone or anything to break.

Meet the first three men in my Manchester Ménage Collection.

This book was surprisingly good. I’m not sure why I went in expecting the book to be bad. But it wasn’t and I’m very glad for that. I love how the relationship between Milo, Daniel, and Samuel shaped over time and flowed naturally. My heart broke for all of them when Samuel was taken. However their reunion was beautiful. Daniel and Milo are so protective of Samuel, but they both needed Samuel to smooth out their rough edges. I loved how the story didn’t end right when the three were together and safe. We got to see them get comfortable together and arrive at place of comfort together that leaves you knowing they’ll be able to stand the test of time. I’m very eager to read more in this series.
Four and a half

Guest Post:
I asked Milo to join us and tell us what was the toughest thing he’s had to investigate. I hope you like what was written as much as I do. Read and enjoy!
Milo has investigated a lot through his ten years in the police force, but the investigation into Samuel’s past is the most difficult for him because he’s emotionally invested with the person involved.

Every police officer learns how to encase themselves in a thick outer layer of steel and concrete. Over the years it becomes easier to view the horrific crimes and the innocent people involved in them in a more professional and detached way, but they’re only human, and those high walls and steel bars bend and crack under the pressure occasionally.

Milo is a tough nut to break. He’s naturally more withdrawn and unemotional, and through his professional and personal life he’s kept back from showing just how much he feels. He sees emotions as a danger. A danger to his job and his home life. He loves and feels, but showing it is difficult for him, which means he’s misunderstood by those around him.

He’s dealt with rape cases, arrived just after the victim has been attacked, seen the torture and abuse she’s gone through. Seen old age pensioners beaten in their own homes, their meager belongings stolen and their lives left in fear. Had to stand by and watched partners lying for their other half, protecting the one who’s just beaten the shit out of them. He’s been called to road traffic accidents, seen the carnage and broken shells of what used to be a living breathing human being only moments ago now just a bloody mess in the car.

Yes, those images were hard, and in the early years of his life, he took them home and recalled them, re-living those moments over and over. But after ten years, those feelings are buried too deep, and he’s able to leave them behind, watching the memories and emotions he feels washing from his body as he takes his shower at the end of his shift, allowing them to disappear down the drain with the suds and foam.

Samuel changes all that. He’s gone through more than any other person should ever have gone through. At the age of eighteen, Samuel has experienced three life times of suffering but he got through it. His strength and quiet determination clings to Milo in a way he’s never felt before. Investigating his past and having to help Samuel through those memories cracks Milo’s outer shell and leaves him open and vulnerable for the first time in his life.

Though he wants to be the strong one, it’s Samuel, the beautiful, caring man who has become so important to Milo so soon who is the one who holds his hand and comforts him.

Milo has never been involved in such a high profile case. It could make or break his career. Helping take down the monsters lurking in Samuel’s past would have been the most important thing to Milo, if only he hadn’t met Samuel that is, because now the case isn’t important at all. All the glory and recognition that goes with solving his case goes out of the window, and only Samuel himself remains.

The account of what their little Sleeping Beauty went through had been difficult to listen to. Milo was too involved for it not to be. He couldn’t just sit back and let the information filter through his barriers, it slammed into him and took everything over. He couldn’t hide how angry he was or how much pain he felt for Samuel.

Their mouths parted, Daniel moaning as Milo slipped his tongue inside him, teasing him with soft caresses until he plunged deeply into his mouth, fighting with Daniel’s tongue as their bodies began to grind together in that perfect dance. Both were so in tune to the other, both knowing just what to give to drive the other insane with desire.

“I need you, Danny. You can feel how much I need you.” Milo pressed the ridge of his swollen cock against Daniel’s, both groaning as their lengths rubbed against each other. “What I need, I can only get from you. You’re the only one on my mind. Even when I’m alone, you’re the one I see, who I hear with me, who I feel under me, over me, against me. It’s just you, Daniel. It has been for three years. There’s no one else.”

Daniel’s hands were in Milo’s hair, clinging onto him tightly and forcing their mouths to collide again, his hips raising up and crushing their cocks against each other. They were both breathing too fast, their bodies crying out for more when Milo lifted from Daniel’s swollen lips.

“You don’t have to lie to me.” Daniel moaned as Milo worked his hand over his cock, the sweatpants he wore tenting over his length.

“I’m not lying.”

Daniel’s eyes focused more on him, the truth finally seeping through that thick skull of his. “Milo…”

Milo fisted his hand tighter in Daniel’s hair. Seeing him like this turned him on too much. “Tell me what you want.”

Daniel paused, but his body rose up to Milo’s, begging for what it needed before he could say the words. “I need you inside me.”

About Nicole:
Nicole Colville was born and currently lives in Leeds, England. She is a wife and mother of two young girls who somehow manages to fit in being a full time author of m/m romance and erotica. She loves writing complex characters in bittersweet romances which will leave you addicted and craving more from her men

Although best known for her popular series, Hidden and Knights to Remember, she also enjoys writing with friend, and fellow author, E.M Leya. Together they have published two books in their Sinful Temptation Collection with more planned.

Her new menage collection based in the popular city of Manchester, England is her first solo full length novel outside of The Hidden Series and has three books planned for release in 2015 & 2016.

Author Contact:
Twitter: @NikkieColville

Where To Buy:

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6-Apr: Bayou Book Junkie, MM Good Book Reviews, Joyfully Jay
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  1. Thank you for having me on your blog and for the review. I’m glad you enjoyed Danny, Samuel and Milo’s story. xxx


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