Review: Loving Luki Vasquez by Lou Sylvre (Vasquez and James Book 1)

Reclusive weaver Sonny Bly James controls every color and shape in his tapestries, but he can’t control the pattern of his life—a random encounter with Luki Vasquez, ex-ATF agent and all-around badass, makes that perfectly clear. The mutual attraction is immediate, but love-shy Sonny has retreated from life, and Luki wears his visible and not-so-visible scars like armor. Neither can bare his soul with ease.

While they run from desire, they can’t hide from the evil that hunts them. After it becomes clear that a violent stalker has targeted Sonny, Luki’s protective instincts won’t let him run far, especially when Sonny’s family is targeted as well. Whether they can forgive or forget, Sonny and Luki will have to call a truce and work together to save Sonny’s nephew and fight an enemy intent on making sure loving Luki Vasquez is the last mistake Sonny will ever make.

This book grabbed me from the first page and didn’t let me go until I was done. The twist and turns in the story were amazing and kept me wanting to know what happens next and how things were connected. I didn’t expect the twist with how Luki was connected. The relationship between Sonny and Luki was both heartbreaking and beautiful to watch. They work so well together but they both have issues they need to work on. The book is definitely not a full happy ending, but with more books in the series I expect there to be more ups and downs in their future. My favorite scene is where Luki is making love to Sonny before they part. It’s filled with emotion which makes the sex itself that much hotter. There are some other questions left at the end of this book but I’m about to start reading the next one so that’s ok.
Four and a half

About Lou:
Lou Sylvre lives and writes on the rainy side of Washington State, penning mostly suspense/romance novels because she can’t resist giving her characters hard times but good love. Her personal assistant is Boudreau, a large cat who never outgrew his kitten meow, and he makes a point of letting her know when she’s taken a plot tangent too far. He (Boudreau) invites readers to give their feedback as well!

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