Review: Released by AJ Ridges

Some laws are made to be broken…

On the small, male-dominated planet of Noval gay sex is forbidden. Unfortunately for Krial, his size and strength make him a prime candidate for Noval’s breeding selection training. Krial is angry and resentful when he’s forced to spend three months on the backward, archaic planet. However, he never anticipates falling hard for his gruff and demanding trainer – Dax.

Dax is a professional. He won’t break the law, but he’s not above blurring a few lines for the benefit of his trainee.

Sometimes when the planets align the impossible becomes possible…

When the unthinkable happens, and Krial is selected as the next breeder, he lashes out at the only one who can handle him – Dax. During the physical battle that follows, Krial expects to be put in his place by his massive and controlled trainer. Never in his wildest dreams does Krial imagine that Dax will touch him, kiss him or invite him back to his bed.

Released is a complete, smutty, erotic m/m romance featuring two futuristic, gay, alpha-male heroes who’ll leave you breathless. This story contains explicit m/m sexual situations, content and language and is intended for adult readers.

This is a fun sexy, smutty, erotica that I enjoyed reading. It’s kind of thin on the plot with a few unanswered questions. I liked how Dax took care of Krial before they even got together. It showed Dax’s intent towards Krial and his feelings, even if Krial didn’t realize it at first. The happy ending was good too. I hope AJ writes a sequel to this story since the world created is a place I’d like to see more of.

“You sure you don’t need help?” Dax asked again, interrupting my thoughts.

I nodded, assuming he’d leave once I refused.

I assumed wrong.

I felt him step closer behind me. “Your cock doesn’t seem as confident in your abilities.”

Fuck. He was right. I still wasn’t nearly hard enough to orgasm despite my cock’s reaction to Dax’s nearness. Failing to cum at The Release could bring Dax a shit load of trouble as my trainer.  I didn’t want that. I also didn’t know how to respond to his observation. I kept quiet and began stroking my cock, mentally pleading with it to perform.

It was no use.

Dax sighed again and I knew he was displeased. “Don’t fight me,” his gravelly voice ordered cryptically against my ear.

His statement confused me. We weren’t in competition or training, so there would be no reason why I would fight with him at The Release. I wanted to ask what he meant by his command, but the words died in my throat when I felt the pressure of his large calloused hand at the small of my back.

My spine stiffened, and my eyes darted frantically around the room.

“What are you doing?” I hissed nervously, thankful that the others were too engrossed in their own ministrations to notice Dax touching me.

“Don’t speak,” he ordered, aggressively. His hand continued to drift downward.

I knew better than to argue with him. He was my trainer and it was my duty to follow his orders, even if he was only a few years older than me. I stood stone-still, barely breathing as one of his beefy fingers trailed down my crack and located the puckered ring of my ass.

I hissed involuntarily, lost in the feel of him touching me in a way I’d only dreamed of.

“Ssshhhh,” he ordered again, sounding agitated.

It was easier said than done.  I tried my best, moaning deep in my throat when my cock began to leak. I could feel my orgasm building.

“More?” his gravelly voice asked breathlessly and I knew immediately what he meant.

I bit my lip and nodded, not caring how selfish it was of me to accept his offer or the trouble it could bring both of us.

Dax cursed behind me. His hand stilled, but remained on my ass.

Silence hung heavily between us for several heartbeats. Just when I thought he’d leave me to my own devices, he roughly tapped his large booted foot against my calf. “Open,” he demanded.

With that one simple command I was rock hard and my balls had drawn up tightly in anticipation of his touch.

I followed his bidding without hesitation, shifting my legs as far as they could go while still remaining balanced. I watched the two Collectors as I bent my knees slightly, giving Dax more room to play. Thankfully, they were so busy with the other males shooting off every few minutes that they had no time to focus on me.

“Fuuuuck,” Dax hissed at the feel of me pressing back against his probing digit. He traced the rippled skin surrounding my hole several times, before finally testing its resistance with the wide tip of his middle finger.

My fist tightened painfully around my shaft. My strokes became more frantic. It was damn hard to keep quiet while Dax slowly finger fucked me in a room filled with naked males. I bit my bottom lip hard, whimpering silently, while pushing further back against Dax’s finger.

Trained at recognizing the signs of pleasure, a Collector immediately appeared at my feet, getting his cup ready for my sample. He seemed oblivious to Dax’s proximity; either that or he was too run-ragged to care.

“Now,” Dax leaned in and ordered, low enough that only I could hear his command.  He forced his finger the rest of the way home, filling me completely, unconcerned that I’d had no warning or lube to ease his entry.

The slight pain only added to my arousal. The moment he began gliding in and out of me rhythmically, I lost it…

About AJ:
I can’t believe it’s only been a year since I discovered m/m romance novels. I became obsessed after my first one and have been reading and writing m/m romances ever since.

Sadly, I’m easily distracted by shiny things, so I don’t write as much or as fast as I should. But you can always check out my website to see what I’m up to.

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