Review: Blind Love by Laura Warby

When Owen and Nate are introduced in a bar one night, neither of them have any idea of the impact the other will have on their lives.
Nate, shy, reticent and blind, finds it difficult to trust Owen with his secrets, but after the two become roommates their relationship blossoms into more than either of them could have ever expected.

This story is a quick read. It’s also a little light in the plot area as well. While I normally don’t mind relationships that move quickly, something didn’t quite ring true with Nate and Owen. I also wasn’t a fan of how Owen tried to fix Nate. There wasn’t anything wrong with Nate being blind. Nate’s quick acceptance of Owen’s reasoning wasn’t consistent with his past actions. The ending was cute.
Three and a half

About Laura:
Laura currently resides in the UK, where the legal age of consent is 16. Some of her readers have expressed concern over the age of some of her characters.

In Laura’s works, all sexual acts depicted are both legal, and consented to.

Laura loved reading from an early age, and decided to start writing in her early teens. She’s had plots and characters filling her head ever since.

Laura self-published her first book on in 2010 under a pen-name, and subsequently published more full-length novels and several short stories there.

Her unpublished works are still available on Wattpad in their entirety (Search LauraWarby).

As well as writing, Laura enjoys reading crime and fantasy novels, cycling through the English countryside, and walking her dog.

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