Review: Jeremy by Catherine Lievens (Whitedell Pride Book 5)

When a small action completely changes your life, you have to learn how to make the best out of it.

Jeremy’s life is centered on his three-year-old son, Adam, and his work. He’s a single dad, and as such he doesn’t have time for friends or girlfriends. Then he meets two brothers, and with them, a tall, silent man who fascinates him. But Jeremy isn’t gay…right?

Denver thinks he’ll soon be gone from Whitedell. He doesn’t have a family or friends and is with the pride only to do his job, at least until he finds his mate. He doesn’t want to claim Jeremy, but that choice is taken away from him, and he has to learn to live with a mate and a small child.

The two work hard on creating a life for themselves and raising Adam together, but someone from Jeremy’s past works against them. They will have to fight to keep their new family together and to keep Adam safe.

I enjoyed this book so much. I love this series and am always eager to read the next book. I really like that Denver got a happy ending and isn’t so serious all the time anymore. He still takes his job seriously and is focused on the protection of the pride. But he’s able to have fun when he’s not working. Jeremy is wonderful. He fit right in with Denver and the whole pride. My only problem was another kidnapping. Like Denver said in the story, almost every mate has been kidnapped so far. The story would have been fine without the kidnapping. I got the ex-wife needed to be wrapped up. But doing it in a different way would have served the story better.

About Catherine:
Catherine lives in Italy, country of good food and hot men. She used to write fantasy as a child, but it was reading her first gay erotic romance novel that made her realize that that was what she really wanted to write.

After graduating from college in English language and translation, she divides her day between writing, reading, taking care of her son and reading some more.

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