Review: Claiming Callum by Kelex

An alien prince was hidden on Earth twenty-five years ago, his freedom a casualty of the Alaxian Civil War.

Callum Walters has no idea of his true origins, growing up believing he’s a typical human alongside his best friend Trex. Callum hides his desire for Trex, afraid the truth will tear them apart.

When he’s attacked by strange men, Trex jumps into action, protecting Callum from danger. Callum is whisked on board an alien ship and taken off Earth. His whole world is stripped from him—everything but Trex.

Yet that relationship is changed, too. Trex is his bodyguard, sworn to his duty to the royal family, not the man Callum thought him. Betrayed, Callum pushes Trex away.

Trex refuses to be pushed and has more secrets to share with Callum, one which will bind them forever.

I always enjoy Kelex’s books.This one is no different. The first book in a brand new sci-fi series and it brought me in from the first page.Poor Callum was betrayed by who he thought was his friend Trex. I love how Kelex describes Callum’s need to submit and the conflict of feelings it causes within him. As always, the sex is super hot and sexy. I enjoyed the world building that was created in the story but it left me wanting more. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series.
Four and a half

About Kelex:
Kelex is the pen name of a multi–published romance author whose inner demons decided to take a field trip into something much, much darker. Kelex writes exclusively for Twisted E- Publishing.

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