Review, Guest Post, and Giveaway: Nights Like These by Chris Scully

Starting over sucks. At forty, Miles Koprowski thought he had life all figured out. He had a nice car, a hot young lover, and a cushy job… and then he didn’t. Call it fate, or karma, or a downturn in the market, but this opinionated cynic is now forced to play rent-a-cop in a dying office building in the burbs just to make ends meet. Throw in an unhinged ex, a coworker who hates him, and a hot new boss, and suddenly everything is uncertain.

Miles doesn’t plan on liking the night shift or becoming embroiled in a mystery that reawakens old passions and puts him in danger. And he certainly doesn’t plan on falling for the overbearing head of security, Colton Decker, former soldier and doting dad. But nights like these can change a man, make him start to believe there’s more to life than a high paying job and a warm body in his bed. With a thief on the loose and his new job in jeopardy, Miles will have to decide what’s truly important. He might discover things he never knew he wanted… as long as he makes it through the night.

This book was a treat to read. The mystery was very well developed. I didn’t expect who wound up being the bad guy. There were plenty of other people that could have been it, and enough clues for it to be any of them. Very well planned and executed. The relationship between Colton and Miles was slow to build and fun to watch. Miles was so adamant against it all along, despite how much he desperately wanted the relationship. His insecurities kept getting in the way. There wasn’t a full happily ever after; it was more the beginning of their relationship. I hope there’s more from theres characters in the future. Plus I would love for some of the side characters to have stories too!

Guest Post:
I asked Chris to tell us all about her writing space. What she sent was pretty awesome. Plus she gave pictures as well! Read and enjoy!
Every writer has their own unique writing process, and that is part of the challenge as an author—finding what works for you and makes you the most productive. My writing generally falls into three phases, which may, or may not, overlap: planning and inspiration, the actual writing, and editing.

Planning and inspiration are the fun parts. This is where I get to daydream and be all creative. It continues all the way through the writing process as the characters come to life inside my head. Inspiration can hit at any time or place, and it’s Murphy’s Law that it often happens when I’m least prepared, so I try to always carry a notebook with me (I have separate notebooks for each project). In here I scribble bits of dialogue that pop into my head, or particular phrasing that leaps into my mind. I’ve been known to jot things down on napkins, newspapers, or the back of receipts if I don’t have the notebook handy.

The great irony is that I have a hard time sitting down and actually typing the story. This past year I had the opportunity to write full-time, and the only solution that worked for me was to treat it like a job. I had to create a schedule and daily quota, and learn to stick to it. I also discovered, through trial and error, that I need quiet, and I can really only be productive in my home office. Last winter I was in Florida, and do you think I could write as I sat on the lanai and stared at the Gulf of Mexico? No. So I’m definitely not one of those people who can go to the coffee shop and write—I would get way too distracted watching people. Instead, I sit at the oak library desk that belonged to my grandfather, which is definitely not the best set up, in my book-lined office. The only downside is that it gets rather cold in winter because of the sliding glass doors, so I have to use a portable heater to stay warm. When I completed writing Nights Like These, I treated myself to a new ergonomic chair to celebrate, because when you’re sitting for hours, writing can literally become a pain in the ass.

Where the magic happens


I write my daily word count on the calendar next to my desk to keep track. My daily word quota is probably very low compared to others, but it allows me to be productive without putting too much pressure on myself. Too much pressure is a sure-fired way to cause writer’s block. I also have a repetitive stress injury I have to be mindful of and use software to remind me to take breaks. For me, writing in the morning is best. That way I can get it over with. If I leave it later in the day, I will probably come up with some excuse to avoid it.

As I near a completed first draft, I begin editing. This I can do anywhere. I send my manuscript to my Kindle and do a read-through there, noting areas that need more development, or any glaring errors. I find it is easier to read on my Kindle than on screen. Here I just make brief notes (because the Kindle keyboard is a nuisance) and then I sit back down at the computer and transcribe them or make the necessary changes. This is an ongoing process and may go through many cycles—each time with more detailed edits.

My overflowing bookshelf

“Why don’t you watch where you’re going, dumb—” I managed to sputter before my mouth stopped working entirely and dropped open. The ability to speak, to think, deserted me at the first sight of the hunky stranger standing in front of me, his face contorted with apology as he tried to mop up my sodden jacket with a handful of napkins. He was a few inches taller than me—closer to six feet—and on the stocky side. His broad shoulders filled out a nicely tailored suit, and he projected an air of confidence that I’d never be able to pull off in a million years. He was clean-shaven too, with a dark buzz cut that made me long to run a hand over his head simply to feel the texture. And gorgeous. Did I happen to mention that?

In short, he was the kind of guy you’d want to be stranded with on a deserted island; the kind you could count on to save you. If you were so inclined. Me? I didn’t need saving.

A pair of friendly, light-colored eyes now stared back at me, bemused. Odd that his lips were moving, but no sound was coming out.

“What?” I asked, blinking back to attention. I couldn’t remember the last time anyone had literally made me speechless. Me, Miles Koprowski, who never met a silence he didn’t want to fill.

Hell, I couldn’t recall the last time I’d been on the receiving end of a full-body pat-down either. At least not so quickly. His hands were still drifting over my chest, wiping up the last drips of coffee, and the simple touch was doing alarming things to my heart rate.

“Are you okay?” he demanded. “Did you get burned?” Before I could react, he seized my wrist and held my hand up for inspection. Strong, lightly calloused fingers, I added to my mental list. Working hands. Dumbly, I looked down. The skin on the back of my right hand was red and stung like a son of a bitch, but it wasn’t blistering. I did flinch slightly when he skimmed his thumb over the sensitive area, but not from pain, more from the touch itself. My entire body lit up, as though I’d stuck a finger in an electrical socket. “It doesn’t look too bad. I think you’ll live. Put some aloe on it when you get home.”

“Doctor?” I croaked, because really, that would be too perfect.

“Nope. Just seen a lot of injuries.” His lips twitched with barely contained amusement. “Sorry to disappoint you.” Sense of humor, check.

About Chris:
CHRIS SCULLY lives in Toronto, Canada where she grew up spinning romantic stories in her head. When the tedium of a corporate day job grew too much, she took a chance and found her creative escape in writing. Always searching for something different, she has discovered a home in M/M romance and strives to give her characters the happy endings they deserve.

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