Review, Exclusive Excerpt, and Giveaway: Tarot’s Touch by LM Somerton

Being thrown together in extreme circumstances is not the best foundation for a relationship. Alex and Conor must juggle the demands of their jobs as police detectives with their personal lives. With Alex as demanding in the bedroom as he is at work, will Conor be able to accept that submission is not weakness. Finding out will be the most important investigation of their lives.

Rasputin’s Kiss

What if the last thing you felt was the kiss of a knife?

Rasputin’s kiss is lethal. He’s a ghost—killing and disappearing into the night. With few leads and four bodies on his conscience, Detective Inspector Alex Courtney and his team are running on empty and it’s only a matter of time before Rasputin strikes again.

When Alex recruits a young detective to play the part of his boyfriend and provide a tempting target for a killer, he knows he is taking a huge risk. He doesn’t expect Conor Trethuan to be a perfect potential submissive. When their mutual attraction becomes more, Alex has to face the conflict between his possessive instincts and the need to push his young lover into danger.

Investigating their feelings has to come second to investigating the case. There’s no time to decide if what they feel for each other is real. With Rasputin closing in, they may not live to find out.

You can read my review of Rasputin’s Kiss here.

Evil’s Embrace

Never underestimate the power of obsession.

After the trauma of the Rasputin case, Detective Inspector Alex Courtney and his boyfriend, Detective Constable Conor Trethuan, are in desperate need of a holiday.

The peace and tranquillity of Cornwall can’t eradicate Conor’s nightmares, though, and the unbearable prospect of losing Alex drives him to confess feelings that he isn’t sure are reciprocated. Alex responds in the best way he knows how—by issuing orders and claiming Conor’s body as well as his heart.

Prematurely recalled to work, they are thrown into a dangerous trafficking case focused on a leather bar with a hardcore reputation, Spikes. Conor is sent in undercover, not knowing that he is only a decoy. When Alex learns that the motivation behind his team’s involvement in the case might not be as straightforward as it seems, he realises that his actions might jeopardise not just their relationship, but Conor’s life, too. A shadowy figure from Conor’s past is about to step into the light.

You can read my review of Evil’s Embrace here.

Exclusive Excerpt:
Conor’s head was spinning. Alex had just asked him to move in with him permanently and now he was giving a damn convincing demonstration of just how dominant he could be. Conor was in no doubt that there would be a lot more of this to come if they shared a home on a more permanent basis. That thought had him hard and aching as he backed towards the bed, trembling with anticipation.


Alex advanced towards him, taking his shirt off and throwing it aside. His bare skin gleamed golden and his muscles rippled. There was so much strength contained within that gorgeous body, Conor felt totally safe when they were together, even when Alex was looking as intimidating as he did at that moment. Alex grasped Conor’s collar and ripped his shirt open—his buttons flew in all directions, scattering like hail against the furniture. The torn fabric slid from his shoulders but he didn’t have time to mourn the destruction of his clothing because Alex was already working on his lower half, yanking down his trousers and underwear leaving him naked and breathless.

“On your knees.”

Conor only resisted for a second as Alex pushed him down and spread his knees apart with a foot until he was satisfied.

“Hands behind your back.”

The position was utterly submissive but Conor refused to bow his head. He met Alex’s gaze defiantly. His cock betrayed how much he enjoyed Alex’s dominant behaviour, rock hard and gleaming with pre-cum. Alex took a black silk scarf off the peg on the back of the bedroom door and smiled with evil intent. Conor’s eyes widened but he didn’t fight it as Alex tied the scarf tightly around them and his world went dark. He heard the metallic slide of a zipper and the soft rustle of fabric. A floorboard creaked slightly. He pictured Alex removing the rest of his clothing and wished he could see. It wasn’t fair that Alex could watch him, naked and kneeling, while he was deprived of the pleasure of admiring Alex’s body.

“Fuck, you are breathtaking! I could come just looking at you.” Alex’s voice was as rough as gravel.

“That would be a disgraceful waste.” Conor shifted on his knees. He wanted desperately to touch himself but he resisted and kept his hands together behind his back. If he broke the unstated rules, Alex would only extend his torment further, and when they played, his body belonged to Alex. Touching was out of the question. He locked his fingers together as a preventative measure, just in case they strayed without his knowledge.

“On your feet.” That sounded like a nice, simple order, but getting up with his hands behind his back wasn’t easy.

Conor rose awkwardly, and Alex guided him to the bed where he positioned him on his back, legs spread wide, knees bent. “Put your hands above your head and keep them there.”

Conor complied and wondered if his entire body was as pink as his face must be. He felt so exposed. The mattress dipped a little and he knew that Alex was kneeling in the space that remained between his legs. Alex’s cock brushed against him and it became apparent that Conor wasn’t the only one craving skin on skin contact.

Tarot’s Touch

Can truth be found in the cards?

DI Alex Courtney and his lover, DC Conor Trethuan are under enormous pressure as their team investigates an arson case and a murder.

It soon becomes apparent that the two cases are linked and the race is on to find a vicious killer. A tarot card is left with the first victim and the detectives are left to interpret the clues it provides. When Conor receives a note from the killer making reference to another card, the whole team is shaken. Their worst fears are realised when a second body is discovered, along with another tarot card.

Conor suspects he has been followed, then a hit and run leaves him injured. Alex wants nothing more than to wrap his lover up in cotton wool and protect him from the world. But is Conor the killer’s target or just a pawn in a much more sinister game? As the clues come together it seems that the motive for murder might be revenge.

Such a good freaking book. Not that I really doubted it would be from how much I enjoyed the first two books in the series. Each book reminds me how much I love the characters. Alex and his witty humor and perfectly Dominant self; and Conor’s shy but cheeky submission and strong sense of right and wrong. I didn’t think it was possible, but the characters get better as we go along. I loved that Conor became stronger in his submission, and more accepting. I was not expecting who the killer wound up being. How Conor felt when Alex went missing was so strong, I felt those emotions as well. I loved Alex and Conor getting married. Like I said about Evil’s Embrace, Robbie and Jamie need a story. I need it! I have to have it!

About LM:
L M lives in a small village in the English countryside, surrounded by rolling hills, cows and sheep. She started writing to fill time between jobs and is now firmly and unashamedly addicted.

She loves the English weather, especially the rain, and adores a thunderstorm. She loves good food, warm company and a crackling fire. She’s fascinated by the psychology of relationships, especially between men, and her stories contain some subtle (and not so subtle) leanings towards BDSM.

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  1. Thanks for hosting the tour and for the wonderful review 🙂 FYI – you can find the start of Robbie and Jamie’s story on my blog, it’s called Secret’s Hold and I’m gradually adding to it.


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