Review, Guest Post, and Giveaway: Claimed By Love by Skye Jones

Kayley Edwards has spent the last four years closing herself off after a vicious attack by her lover left her scarred and terrified. After fleeing her native Alaska, she ran the length of the country and began a new life in Miami far from her family and friends.

When her cousin and his friends decide to vacation nearby, he invites her to join them, saying he has important news. Determined not to let fear rule her life, Kayley agrees to meet with them, only to have her world turned upside down. His friends include the two gorgeous men who’ve haunted her dreams for months, kindling her desire, and challenging her to take a chance on love.

Pack alpha, Luke Johnson, has sensed Kayley in his visions for years. He and his mate, Sean Wallace, know she is meant to be theirs. But how will she react when she finds out the world they inhabit is one she never dreamed existed? As passions collide, Sean finds himself acting as a bridge between his strong willed alpha and a skittish Kayley. But can they break through Kayley’s defenses and convince her to join their family?

Just as it seems the three may have a future together, a ghost from Sean’s past strikes at the heart of their happiness. They must fight for everything they hold dear to win their chance at love.

This book is so good. I really enjoyed Kayley’s back story and watching her come out of her shell. Luke and Sean are so hot together. At the same time, their love is obvious from the beginning. The one thing I liked the most is that I could feel what the characters were feeling throughout the story. Ms. Jones does an amazing job of bringing those emotions out. I would have liked Luke to be a bit more developed in his back story. There’s mention of his birth pack and they visit. But not much beyond that. The three other members of the pack are interesting and I can’t wait to read their stories when they come out. Plus getting to see Kayley, Luke, and Sean after they’ve been together more.
Four and a half

Guest Post:
I asked Skye to have Sean tell us about his typical day. He graciously told us what it was like living in Alaska. It’s also written before the events of the book so it’s fun to see how that might change. I hope you love this as much as I did. Read and enjoy!
I tend to get up early as I like time to fix a nice breakfast. But before I do anything else in the morning, I turn to my mate and snuggle up. I need his touch, and scent to ground me before the day begins. Most days it doesn’t end there! Luke nearly always takes our morning cuddles to the next level. I love it though.

Depending on whether or not we have a case, we might have time to sit around and eat at a leisurely pace or we might have to wolf it down (no pun intended).

The whole team breakfast together. There’s myself, my mate (and our alpha, Luke) Taylor, and Julie. Recently, we’ve been joined by another member, a young man named Will. He’d been working for us as a private investigator on some cases, and sadly got shot during an investigation. Luke made the decision to turn Will into a wolf shifter, which saved his life, but left Luke full of guilt. I hate to see Luke second guess himself, so I’ve been extra tactile with him to try and help ease his turmoil. Touch is really important to us.

After breakfast, if we are at our base in Alaska, Luke tends to go for a morning run. If we haven’t caught a case, the whole team might join him. At least once every couple of weeks we run in wolf form as a pack. We try to do it more often, but sometimes life gets in the way. It helps bond us together, and our inner wolves get stressed if they aren’t allowed out to play regularly.

Lunch tends to be a grabbed sandwich, whether we are working a case or not. If we are working, we sometimes have to track people in the wilderness, and then we’ll have one or two members of the team lead the hunt in wolf form. They can track the scent better that way. The rest of us carry any equipment we need, and spare clothes, for when the wolves need to change back into human form.

The evenings are my favorite time. Then we come together to relax and chill out. The compound we are based at is fantastic. We’ve got it tricked out with all the best gadgets and stuff, and there’s a den with a billiard table and a bar.

We’ll share a meal as a pack. I often cook. I enjoy it, and you don’t want to taste the stuff Luke puts together. His idea of a healthy meal is something plastic tasting out of the microwave. As we eat, we talk over the day and any work issues. We rarely fight, so most of the time things are very laid back. Recently it’s been a little tense due to having a new pack member. It takes time for anyone joining a pack to fit in, but it’s even more difficult if they were human and don’t understand our ways.

One of the things I see Will struggle with most is the way we are so tactile. He’ll get freaked out when we touch too much. He also blushes every time we strip off to change.

Once the evening meal is done with, and we’ve all relaxed with a drink, we head off to bed. And yeah, that’s private, but it’s kind of like the morning all over again J

Where we live is cold a lot of the year, and it rains a lot. So I love to take time out to vacation somewhere warm. We are going to Florida soon. Part vacation, and partly for personal business, as Will needs to see his cousin. I can’t wait for a couple weeks of sun and sea.

Until then I’ll have to comfort myself snuggling up to Luke in our big warm bed!

Thanks for having me on your blog today,
Sean. x

“Hey.” Luke’s deep voice sent another shiver skittering up Sean’s back. “Miss me?”

“Always.” Sean turned and buried his face in Luke’s neck. As he inhaled deeply he heard Luke do the same. Soft lips nuzzled at him moving down until they found the mating mark he’d placed on him when they’d bonded. Luke’s tongue laved over the spot dragging a low moan out of Sean. It always hit him deep in his belly when Luke paid attention to the sensitive area. “How did it go?” he murmured as Luke continued his ministrations.

“Crappy. The guy was a pain in the ass” Luke said with a quirk of his lips. “I mean literally. Dude had this big old set of stone thrones like something out of a movie and he offered me the one next to him. My ass went numb about twenty minutes in.”

Sean waggled his eyebrows. “Maybe I’ll have to massage it later bring it back to life.”

“Ass CPR?” Luke snorted. “Sounds…interesting.”

About Skye:
Skye Jones is an erotic romance author who likes to write about that moment when lust and love meet head on.

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