Review and Guest Post: Nolan by Catherine Lievens (Whitedell Pride Book 3)

Nolan has been in the scientists’ hands for months. He’s finally rescued, but it’s only to be abandoned in a snowy Whitedell, alone. Luckily for him he’s a cat shifter, and who wouldn’t want to adopt a cute kitty like him? That’s how he ends up in the middle of a house full of felines so much bigger than him, who could eat him for breakfast. They don’t, but a new problem arises. Nolan meets his mate, a mate he doesn’t want.

Casey ran from his birth pride years ago and spent most of his life alone in his cheetah form. After being rescued by Dominic, the pride’s Alpha, he is happy to find his mate, even if it seems Nolan doesn’t want him. Just as they start solving their problems, someone from Casey’s past comes back, someone who will do anything to have him back, even hurting Casey, or worse, Nolan.

Will Nolan and Casey be able to save their budding relationship from Casey’s past, or will they be separated forever?

Another wonderful book in the Whitedell Pride series. I loved how Casey set Nolan at easy with his fears about having a mate. I wasn’t sure how things were going to go with Casey’s family, but I truly enjoyed how that turned out.I’m curious how the lab story line is going to go in the next few books. There were some good hints about that, and a new character that I’m sure if we’re supposed to like or hate yet. Nolan and Casey are wonderful together and they were easy to love. Watching them dance around each other at first, then fall for each other was beautiful. I can’t wait to see more of them in future books.
Four and a half

Guest Post:
I love asking authors to make lists of things they’ll never do again. Catherine gave me a fun list to share with you all. Read and enjoy!
Molly asked me to make a list of things I’ll never do again (by the way, thanks for hosting me today, Molly!), and I had to rake my brain to find those things. I’m a pretty introvert person, so my life consist mostly in reading, writing and yelling at my son after he brought the Christmas tree down again (and definitively killed it and most of the ornaments this time, thus sending us in a quest to find a new one three days before Christmas). Anyway, there’s not a lot of things I would never do again, but I’ll try to make a small list.

  1. I should never again argue about the value of books with my husband. We’ve been together for ten years, so I should know he just doesn’t get it. See, hubby doesn’t read. At all. In ten years I think the only things I saw him reading were instructions of some kind, and certainly no books. That means he doesn’t understand why I keep on buying them, filling the house with new ones every month (although since I bought my e-reader he doesn’t see them anymore, so he might think I stopped buying books, eh eh) and why I often reread. He sees no point in rereading since I already know how the story goes.
    He’s the one who buys my nearly three-year-old son Duplos while I buy him books, and the one who scoffed when I watched Harry Potter with the kid for the first time a few weeks ago. He thought my son wouldn’t like it and was too young for it, but since he also took from me, he’s been asking for it every day since then, and my husband now has to watch the movies at least once a day. That’ll teach him to underestimate the power of a bookworm mom!
  2. I’ll never one-click on Amazon again. Okay, so that’s a lie. There’s no way I’ll never do it again, but I really should try to resist when the books call to me. I have a TBR list that’s an arm long, with at least a thousand books waiting for me to read them, but hey, it’s not my fault incredibly talented authors keep on writing and publishing!
  3. I’ll never read negative reviews again. That one’s a lie too, to be honest.
    Authors need negative reviews if they want to grow, so let’s say I’ll never read ugly reviews again. The ugly reviews are the ones that don’t explain what the reader didn’t like but just attack the author and/or the book. I read somewhere that since my books are so short and I write so many of them in a year, I wasn’t a real author, and that they couldn’t be good. Needless to say, I didn’t take it well, but the support of the readers who like my books helped me getting over it.
    I know my books won’t ever become the next Pride and Prejudice, and that’s not my objective. I write what I like to read, and I like shirt books that I can put down without problems when my son calls for me, books that I don’t have to concentrate on too much so that I can keep an eye on the nearly three-year-old tornado in the house.
    I also get bored very easily. The book I wrote for NaNoWriMo reached 53000 plus words, and I got bored with it at around 40000 words, which is about the length of the Whitedell Pride books. I had to really push myself to finish writing it, and I still haven’t edited it.
    So yes, I’ll try to never read those reviews again. I’d rather read one that helps me get better at writing than torture myself over someone’s random opinion.

And I see I rambled long enough, so I’ll leave you to Molly’s review of Nolan, and hopefully it’ll make you want to read it!

About Catherine:
Catherine lives in Italy, country of good food and hot men. She used to write fantasy as a child, but it was reading her first gay erotic romance novel that made her realize that that was what she really wanted to write.

After graduating from college in English language and translation, she divides her day between writing, reading, taking care of her son and reading some more.

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